Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

I am watching CNN and MSNBC this morning. Trump is the idiot killing America! They were praising former Obama health officials who would have anticipated coronavirus, building hospital capacity, developing tests even before the virus was known, and we wouldn’t be headed for the end of the world.

Trump inherited Obama’s health bureaucracy, and developed a plan now in place in 2018 for just such a microscopic invasion. We have 105 deaths today, with one nursing home in Seattle Washington contributing 29 of them. Trump, against the advice of CDC, banned China travelers on Jan. 31, 11 days after China admitted they had a problem.

He banned travelers from Europe, Australia because they didn’t ban travelers from China, now hot spots of massive infection. And all you hear on CNN and MSNBC, the mainstream media is South Korea is ahead of Trump preventing death, with 105 USA deaths to date.

In South Korea they have had 50 deaths, but they are about the size of Indiana in population with one older, health-compromised death. As of March 7, China had 3,213, Italy 1,809 and Iran 988 they admit to.

The left just can’t help it, they hate Trump so it’s always Trump’s fault. He was so dumb for not anticipating this new virus and developing a vaccine to prevent it before it occurred! He didn’t demand that private industry build a million ventilators just in case we needed them!

He should have expanded hospital capacity to accommodate this crisis before it happened. His crystal ball revealing future needs just wasn’t working like Obama’s did, declaring an emergency after over a thousand deaths from swine flu in 2009! If only Hillary would have won, she got more popular votes, we wouldn’t have any problems.

This anti-Trump doom and gloom is endless, pure vitriol, not enough masks, gowns, hospital capacity, we are all going to die day after day, with never an encouraging word. If one has no curiosity as to the other side, I see plainly why the left could be winning the war to destroy America.

Lenin would have loved it, never waste a crisis to sell the chains-of-the-world communism. They very well could win in November, busing homeless voters to the polls in California, anything goes to rid the world of this fraud of a president, daring to think and work incessantly to save free market capitalism, keeping America great under God!

This new virus proves the power of the media to create an alarming crisis, but this crisis is not proving to be as widespread as the common flu, killing thousands every year! Eighty percent of younger, and children fatalities are almost nonexistent, the danger is contacting the virus and spreading it to health challenged grandparents with highest mortality rates.

If we follow rules of public contact, wash our hands, avoid unnecessary public encounters, all the rules of Trump’s CDC, we will keep infections down without a drastic spike challenging hospital space to treat the most vulnerable among us.

Be positive America, this is not the end of civilization, we will overcome the psychology of this media-helped stock market crisis, falling like the Niagara Falls. Just don’t go for the hyperbolic propaganda to defeat Trump, the market will recover and the best days of America is yet to come. America’s economy is on a solid foundation, and by the end of July this crisis hopefully will subside.

CNN, MSNBC, the mainstream media bias will only change when America understands they are creating toilet paper shortages, chaos, disinformation to destroy America. They seek hope and change socialism using emotionalism, which has never created a single successful nation in all of history.

Watching the media’s frenzied shouted questions at Trump reminds me of feeding a hundred hungry razorback hogs with enough food for 25, and they are only interested in pure slop-propaganda to defeat Trump!

I pray that we survive as a nation, but since the 1960s the left has been purposefully dumbing us down, making thoughtful folk politically incorrect, making California thinking spot-on correct, as thousands move to Texas. It’s so bad in California even Gov. Newson is working with Trump, slightly praising him. Even Gov. Cuomo of New York believes Trump is prepared to help him save liberal New York voters with faintest praise.

The media is all agog as the market craters, but don’t expect them to notice when it soars with the eagles in time for the election! Everything will be OK.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party. He is a guest columnist.

The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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