Austin Eastciders signed a distribution deal with Silver Eagles Distributors, L.P., as the cider company continues to expand its market into the city of San Antonio, Val Verde County and other surrounding counties.

The distribution deal will introduce a wider audience of Del Rioans to craft cider in a variety of flavors. The distributor’s company is headquartered in San Antonio and has a warehouse in Del Rio.

“We are thrilled to partner with Austin Eastciders to expand their offerings in San Antonio,” J.P. Limbaugh, II, vice president of sales and marketing, Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P said.

Austin Eastciders’s debut cider, Gold Top, and every cider since then has allowed the cider company to become the “top craft cider in Texas,” according to a press release.

“We’re excited to partner with Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P. as we continue to grow and introduce more consumers to our innovative cider flavors,” Brad McKeever, president and general manager, Austin Eastciders, said in the release.

Eastciders is also considered the top cider brand in Texas grocery, according to the press release. The alcoholic beverage is available at select grocery, convenience, liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

One location the beverage can be found occasionally at is Mesquite Creek Outfitters. The ciders feature flavors such as pineapple, blood orange, grapefruit and original dry cider.

“We believe their unique profiles resonate well within our market and we look forward to growing with them,” Limbaugh said.

The beverages are gluten-free and certified kosher, while appealing to beer, wine and cider drinkers alike, according to the press release.

Silver Eagle’s footprint covers 18,481 square miles from Wilson County to Val Verde County on the state border. Silver Eagle distributes a broad selection of domestic and import brands, national and local craft beers, craft spirits and several non-alcoholic beverages and waters, according to the press release.

Additional details on the cidery, its brand and availability at local restaurants or convenience stores can be found online at

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