The gullibility of those convinced Sandy Hook firearm violence against children never happened, but Pizzagate, Hillary’s and sex trafficking, did. True believers spread easily refuted nonsense and QAnon-type conspiracies.

Some have taken semi-automatic assault weapons killing and maiming those considered their “Deep State” enemies. White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis have been responsible for most acts of domestic terrorism,, notwithstanding presidential fear-mongering about Islam, Mexicans and need for a wall.

Facts haven’t convinced that crossing the border seeking asylum is legal under U.S. and international law, that all persons here have “due process” constitutional rights and can’t be removed summarily or denied court hearings.

Not everyone accepts fossil fuels impact global warming or per SCOTUS D.C. v. Heller the 2nd Amendment is subject to reasonable regulation.

Trump; a proven serial liar and career Grifter, blamed the Clintons for his convicted pedophile pal, Jeffrey Epstein’s death in jail, Yet, cite the Access Hollywood p--y grabbing tape/video, mimicking a disabled reporter, 10,000-plus lies, broken campaign promises, criminal conviction among former administrations officials and his enforcer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, the Trump University scam and racist practices predating Birtherism, knees quickly jerk “fake news.”

In less than three years of an incompetent president catering to his darkest impulses, we’ve become “American Exceptionalism-lite.” Thoughtful people acknowledge the problem. Bless the House moving forward on Impeachment inquiries!

Barry Zavah

Alpine, Texas

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