Trump’s not well, exhibiting eight signs of malignant narcissism, Among them:

Lying: He’s a perpetual motion machine with 12,000-plus lies on the wall, 12,000-plus lies. If one of those lies – “Mexico’s paying for the wall” – just happens to fall 11,999-plus lies on the wall. 11,999-plus lies on the wall, 11,999 lies. If one of those lies – “Grease crayon Hurricane targets Alabama” – just happen to fall, 11,998-plus lies on the wall. Lots move verses for rounds!

Grandiosity: The “Chosen One”, encompasses knowing better than everyone about everything.

Delusional: “Energy efficient light bulbs” create his orange appearance”? If it weren’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.

Manipulative: He’s considering giving Iran a $15 billion line of credit if they come back into compliance with the deal Obama negotiated – until tearing it up. His bailout to farmers could force the U.S. to borrow more from China to maintain an ill-conceived trade war with them! Winning or gaslighting us?

Assorted: Unconscionably, the public’s blocked from attending asylum hearings, Suddenly, “Constitutional Due Process” becomes a matter of expediency having re-instituted the English Star Chamber! This bedevilment disrespects our Revolution and subsequent sacrifices of so many to have homegrown despots treat us worse than King George III.

When the Despot-in-Chief’s supporters knee-jerk “fake news” about recorded public deeds and GOP enablers claim to LUV the “original intent of the Founding Fathers,” respectfully tell them “You’re not well, either!”

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Gota love a lefty. NOT.

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