Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

I have never experienced such a riled up America, so full of hatred manufactured by a dominant media. The left is actually radical with the loudest megaphone, pushing America toward unimaginable civil unrest. This is about changing the structure of our economy, turning it upside down in socialism. It is an abnormal time we live in.

Fascinatingly, America’s consumer confidence is soaring at highest levels, while China’s weakens with millions rioting in Hong Kong, terrified of the scheduled communist take-over in 2047 by treaty, ending Hong Kong’s capitalism. Global debt today is three times the size of global GDP, and America is doing her part too well. With weaker global economies, America will eventually suffer a slowing economy, which our media will magnifying as a reason for abandoning working capitalism for the sure mediocrity of socialism, with the pointy headed secular left in charge.

The Federal Reserve only raised interest rates once in Obama’s eight years, stimulating the economy, but have raised rates EIGHT TIMES in the first two years of Trump’s presidency, slowing his booming economy because of tax cuts and policy changes.

The higher the interest rates, the more difficult to grow the economy. The Federal Reserve has more control over the economy than the president, and can determine presidential winners by raising or lowering rates nearing the 2020 election.

Trump is right to say without the raised rates, the market would be unbelievable, but no president can tell the Federal Reserve how to control the economy by law. The Deep State has resisted every move Trump has made, and the good ole boys want their power back, scratching each other’s back making easy money.

Trump issued a stern warning to China, “waiting until after the 2020 election to make a deal will be a big mistake.” The Chinese agreed to start buying agriculture products, but keep changing the terms, apparently hoping the Democrats will give them a better deal after the 2020 election.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter, received $1.5 Billion for his hedge fund from the Chinese during the Obama Administration, indicative that Joe is already aboard the China train, replacing America in world dominance. The media obviously doesn’t care, but you likely will hear all about it if Biden wins the nomination.

The 2020 election will be crazy contentious, given that the Democrats lost their minds over Hillary’s 2016 loss. Pelosi and Schumer were content to keep minorities and the poor right where they are, dependent. But the new breed of Democrats is moving so far left it could qualify them as seditious, traitors or certifiable nuts at least.

They are determined to make everybody dependent upon government in socialism. This new left cries out for secular socialism with all vestiges of Judeo-Christianity gone, blaming all White males for everything considered evil. They are propagandist, making Trump, essentially all Whites evil racist. Trump thinks America is worth saving, with minority unemployment celebrated at record lows, with rising wages.

Democrats don’t plan on losing another presidential election. They are working to eliminate the Electoral College, making us a direct demo crazy, eliminating Red rural states’ influence, with California, New York, Massachusetts and Chicago winning all future elections, making all America forever Blue.

The Democrats could never run on where they want to take America, to hell in socialism. So they do their usual destruction of any Republican as a dumb, evil, racist, and only caring about corporations and money with their 90 percent cheer leading media spreading the gorilla dust.

For mysterious reasons the poor people’s party usually has more money for elections than the rich Republicans. They resist every effort to make it slightly difficult to vote, insuring only qualified voter’s vote, with some precincts having more votes than registered voters that I can’t understand.

Dead Mickey Mouse and Pluto are still voting in East St Lois most every election.

The Democrats constantly attack Trump’s New York punching back tweets as the cause of the hatred, while liberals have a license to dehumanize out of favor Christian conservatives anyway they wish.

An alleged comic holding a replica of a bloody decapitated head of Trump is just normal.

They hate Trump because he is not the usual cowering Republican, but fighting back on their terms, really making (ALL) Americans great on the honorable terms of our founding. He is the least racist of all, with rising support from minorities with jobs in dignity and pride, no longer dependent upon a government check.

My goodness we all can’t just get along, only because the Democrats don’t have anything to run on except hate, discord and prevarications.

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