Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Beware of any man the liberal media tells you “He is a Republican of impeccable character.” They told us that Mueller was just that man, until he didn’t find collusion or actionable obstruction of justice on Trump to their momentous dismay.

So Mueller scurried to the stage to pour gasoline on the dying embers of the Democrats’ desperate dreams of impeachment. Mueller reversed forever jurisprudence, making Trump guilty until proven innocent, stating “Get Him” to the Democrat Congressional hearings dying to find any way to avoid the sure justice coming.

After putting both elbows on the scales, I am wondering if Mueller might be on the other side of the Durham Special Counsel questioning.

The new narrative is now Mexico’s role in stopping the record stream of illegal entries arriving daily, setting one foot on our soil demanding amnesty within the law. Obama, in control of all government, changed the rules to permit the world to come asking for amnesty at the border, then joining the protected up to 20 million non-citizens here in precarious limbo.

The previous rule was that amnesty seekers applied from country of origin in an orderly process, but this rule encourages a free-for-all mad dash, cutting the line.

They mostly come across Mexico to get here. While Mexico protects its borders with a steel fist, they use this three-week trek to America as a billions of dollar opportunity money maker. They don’t come without paying the cartels running the show.

The cartels use the confusion of a stormed border they control to distract attention, as they smuggle in nation killing drugs, mere children sold into sex slavery as a protected industry of a sold out Mexico government. America only buys its own destruction because our high founding immutable principles have been chipped away over the years, evolving into a “secular” do your own thing man squalor.

Since the Democrats have no interest in a secure border, refusing to appropriate funds to properly care for the sick, but quick to blame the unfunded Border Patrol for the deaths of those dying from the long perilous journey to get here.

This chaos favors them emotionally, but only sociopaths would use human suffering to win a political argument. They could rewrite a law in 15 minutes, removing the incentives to step foot in America requesting amnesty, and the world would have no reason to come.

Republican Speaker Paul Ryan should have done so when Republicans ran the show, but he fell in with the Chamber of Commerce Koch Brothers cheap labor advocates driving down wages for the poor.

These establishment Republicans hate Trump near as much as the Democrats for polices driving the bottom wages up in a hot economy by 9 percent plus.

Since our government refuses to write sane laws to secure our border, Trump is resorting to the only tool he has, tariffs. The billions flowing from America to Mexico in wink and nod will evaporate in tariffs costing Mexico as much or more to cross her products into America.

It’s a negotiating tool for fair, honest reciprocal trade on a level playing field. He is doing the same thing in China, only demanding they quit stealing our technological secrets to include military as he rewires the special interest rules of yesterday.

Do you give a tinkers’ dam about a billion-dollar deal with China by Joe Biden’s deceased son, or Diane Feinstein’s husband’s unquestioned billions doing business with China while she chaired the Senate committee of jurisdiction? I do if Republican Senate leader McConnell wife’s family are enriching themselves with contracts for shipping Chinese products to America.

You deserve an honest, equal playing field in full transparency over billionaires selling government influence.

To speak kindly does not hurt one’s tongue, but speaking kindly to those ripping you off for trillions as China and Mexico do, makes one a willing victim. America first in fairness for all!

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