Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron, now retired, is spilling the beans on his former employer.

Sounds like Cameron was a mole in the Fox News tunnel of Trump “yes men” anchors advising Trump.

Conman is what Cameron recently called Trump on TV, and he added that Fox has a journalism problem.

But Trump recently from the White House, in front of the microphone, had nothing but praise for two of Fox’s journalism problems: Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. These two Trump advisors lie to their audience from their Fox News desks in favor of their man in the Oval Office.

Hannity, for example, on the phone with Trump, lullabies him to sleep late at night while the man is eating a cheeseburger in bed.

And as for the male local columnist bragging on his dictator president’s greatest economy since Adam and Eve (others beg to differ):

“Top executives are taking home massive amounts of money, but increasingly, they have no idea what to do with it all. The stock market is strong, but most gains have come from companies buying back stock, not from growth. So much money has flowed into real estate, that prices in prosperous cities are above what most Americans can afford, in particular young people who came of age during the Great Recession. The wealthiest one percent have more money than they can spend, while the 99 percent have barely enough to buy consumer goods. And the bottom one percent cannot afford food.”

And that’s where the government’s welfare programs come in. But smart people who eat well call that socialism.

Maybe the innocent little girl and her father who recently drowned in the Rio Grande were coming over to add to the one percent?

Yes, the smart ones will say, they were coming over to get in on the government’s welfare.

The local columnist keeps trying to get blood out of a turnip, he keeps ranting about deadbeats who can’t get out of bed to go and get a job.

I’m sure there is some of that; there have always been deadbeats. But the local columnist knows, and everybody knows there has never been enough jobs in this world, and in this country, even in the best of times, forget recessions. Not to mention the Great Depression when thousands, if not for Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s government, would have starved.

But the smart ones back then were screaming socialism. Think about it, they wanted 25 million Americans to starve.

The Tejanos and the blacks were not eligible for welfare. The Tejanos, I imagine, were eating mesquite beans and the bark of the trees. When it comes to eating, we are very resourceful, you know. But what do I know. I hadn’t been born yet.

And that’s another thing Mr. Local columnist keeps hammering at: forget the past. Some people conveniently want others to forget the past. And I say anyone that can forget the past is deaf, dumb and blind. And I will add: as dumb as Donald Trump.

The past is the present. It never goes away. It lives in old codgers’ tales as they congregate in parks and restaurants. The past lives in documentaries, in history books, in the works of private authors and in the minds of the Ku Klux Klansmen like David Dukes, who recently praised his soul mate Trump for his abominable stance on the migrants. You tell David Dukes to forget his dreams of supremacy and maybe I will forget my dreams of socialism, which keeps people from starving.

Jesus was a socialistic, not in the communistic sense of the word, but in the good kind sense. Jesus enjoyed having the poor, the beggars and the thieves and the curious around him. He didn’t tell them to go to work because there were no jobs.

All the camel dung pick-up jobs were taken. And on the mount, he fed the masses. That is socialism.

The local columnist talks like we are a nation under God. Well, the American people have their faith and beliefs, but the Constitution makes no mention of any religion, and the preamble does not begin with “we the people under God,” it starts with “We the people of the United States, in order to firm a more perfect Union,” etc.

And ends with, “Do ordain, and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

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