2019 UCO

Seniors from the Class of 2019 present the scholarship money they were awarded by UCO on Wednesday night at the Mike L. Fernandez Center.

Seniors are wrapping up the school year with letters of intent, certification tests and awards ceremonies. A local organization helped students from the Class of 2019 with their financial needs.

The United Civic Organization (UCO) held its yearly scholarship ceremony on Wednesdayafternoon at the Mike L. Fernandez Center, across from the UCO park. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., 39 seniors were awarded scholarships that night.

It was heavily emphasized by UCO members the scholarship money was from a local donation to the local community, thus the money stayed within the community. “We (UCO) are a local organization, so the money for these scholarships doesn’t come from the state or the federal government, it comes from the local community,” said UCO lifetime member and Scholarship Chairman Bobby Fernandez.

On behalf of the organization, Fernandez added it is important to help out the graduating seniors, “because they are the ones who will help out in the community when they come back.”

Recipients thanked the organization, their parents and God for providing them this opportunity.

“I just want to thank my parents and most of all God, for having been there with me through all the high and low points. He brought me this opportunity and I am so happy to be able to use it for good,” Audrey Raabe said.

Students were chosen by how involved they were in the community, their school and GPA. Many of the scholarship recipients held a high GPA, above 3.89, and ranked within the top 50 of their graduating class.

Some of the recipients received scholarships in memory of past Del Rio citizens that contributed to the local community. The newest memorial scholarship being the “Doña Tomasita” Memorial, which honored the late woman whose initiative helped start up an education program for three to four year-olds prior to the creation of Headstart.

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