The San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District is preparing for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year with safety procedures and regulations.

Superintendent of Schools Carlos Rios shared protocols and safety procedures the school district is implementing during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Amongst the procedures, campuses are assigning specific entrances for student drop off, bus drop off, for students that chose the traditional education model and hybrid education model.

School staff will also have specific entrances at each campus, according to previous reports shared by the school district.

Bus routes will also be implementing similar practices, including temperature checks as Rios said it is estimated 900 students will need bus services. Rios added the amount of buses the school district has are more than enough to social distance students.

The school district is also implementing protocols to ensure any positive COVID-19 cases are controlled within a campus, by ensuring those in contact were wearing masks, while social distance and suspension of classes are implemented.

The protocols are following state guidelines, Rios said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced fifth and eighth grade students will not be required to pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, commonly known as STAAR. Rios added the school district is preparing for any regulations the Texas Education Agency may provide later on regarding grade promotion requirements.

For now Rios expects the majority of students will be presenting the STAAR exam online.

Beginning this school year, the school district will return to only providing meal delivery for students that attend the district’s online courses.

Rios explained the Texas Department of Agriculture laxed its rules during the summer, and thus the school district was able to provide meals to all children within the community. During the school year, meal delivery will be provided to students in the online courses and parents will need to provide evidence their children are in the online courses.

Rios added he had much respect and gratitude to the parents and staff, as they have contributed to ensure students will receive a proper education and adjusting to the current situation with regulations set in place.

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