City projects funded through certificates of obligation and still wholly or partially in the planning stages will be reviewed today by city council members and city administrators.

City administrators will review projects funded by certificates of obligation issued in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and earlier this year.

The projects and funding will be discussed today during a noon special meeting of the council in council chambers at City Hall, 109 W. Broadway St.

The review will begin with the CO Series 2015. The series totaled $10,670,000, and a total of $2,125,420 of the series remains unspent.

There are two pending projects funded by the series: renovations at the Paul Poag Theatre totaling $150,000 and a $1,975,420 set-aside that will help fund the construction of a wastewater collection trunk line.

According to “status/action” notes on the projects, the work at the Paul Poag will include renovation of the restrooms in the theater.

“Staff will meet with engineering to review designs and begin action plan on auditorium ceiling tiles and (air conditioning),” the status notes indicate.

Projects funded from CO Series 2016 but not yet completed included replacing lights at city facilities, acquisition of the golf course and flood control/drainage. The funded but unfinished projects total $1,685,300 of the total $15,150,000 COs issued that year.

Under the status notes, staff members wrote that the original lights replacement project is complete and the remaining funds, totaling $253,627, will be used for a related project.

Of the $1,231,673 remaining in the golf course acquisition budget, staff wrote, “Original project complete. A portion of the funds will be used for a new sprinkler system at the San Felipe Multipurpose Facility to increase occupancy. Other potential projects will be discussed with staff and the golf course commission.”

The flood control/drainage portion of the funding has $200,000 remaining, and staff noted the city’s engineering department is reviewing the master watershed study and “will recommend a project with potential supplement of grant funding.”

Four funded projects remain undone from the list of projects funded by CO Series 2017, including $452,207 for park upgrades and improvements, $1,011,707 in city facility roof repairs, $2,589,672 in contracted street repairs and $74,902 for the purchase of heavy equipment for the water distribution department.

Staff noted that parks upgrades and improvements funding includes monies to renovate specific park restrooms and to complete the North Main median landscaping project.

A portion of the monies budgeted for roof repairs will be used for the roof at City Hall and to replace the HVAC units there.

Of the contracted street replacement projects, staff wrote, “Half of the funds will be used for the street replacement following the sewer trunk line project. Staff is reviewing options for the remaining funds.”

Staff members also noted a purchase order for a rotary sweeper for the water distribution department will be submitted within 90 days.

A total of $7,109,826 in funding remains from the CO Series 2018.

Those projects include $1,775,209 for water treatment plant upgrades, $1,463,645 for the closing of two cells at the city landfill, $1,007,619 for in-house street replacement, $935,094 for renovation of five walkway areas along the San Felipe Creek, $604,255 for upgrades to wastewater lift stations, $350,000 for the reconstruction of Alderete Lane, $285,272 for equipment at the city landfill, $244,195 for wastewater collection lines under 14th through 17th streets and under Avenue C, $184,431 for the Qualia Relief Route, $143,000 for a metal carport at the police station and $70,471 for in-house replacement of water distribution lines.

Staff noted it is still “evaluating vendor qualifications” for the water treatment plant upgrades, reviewing the design plans and cost proposals with the city consultants for the landfill cell closures, writing the in-house street replacements follow the city’s approved paving plan and the work on the creek walkway is still “pending environmental approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.”

The staff also made notes about the status of the remaining projects, noting bid packages will be submitted in 30 days for the lift station upgrades, design change proposals for the Alderete Lane reconstruction are being evaluated, quotes are being acquired for the landfill equipment and construction on the Qualia Relief Route has been temporarily suspended due to standing water.

The staff will also review with the council the projects planned and funded by the CO Series 2019.

These total $17,654,644 and include major water distribution and wastewater collection line projects, upgrades to the police and fire department’s radios, upgrades at the city’s wastewater treatment plants, a new fire engine and self-contained breathing apparatus for the fire department, park improvements, funding for the Del Rio Community Sports Complex, reconstruction of Alderete Lane and in-house street replacement.

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