Registration for the Read Squared program begins today. The final day to register is on Wednesday, June 19.

All children within elementary and secondary grade levels can sign up at

There will be a prompt for children to select and create an account based on their grade level. After going on the website, children click on the “Register Now” tab and then select the “Myself”option.

Only the child’s information should be used for registration.

Parents are advised to not make an account for themselves. “This is so that the accounts are solely focused on the children,” Val Verde County Library Catalog Development andYoung Adult Specialist Jaqueline Vazquez said.

Elementary students earn one point per book they read. Children will earn a prize after every 10 books read and can earn up to 10 different prizes.

The goal for Children’s Librarian Reba Benavides’s group is for each child to reach a 100 books before August 5.

“There’s been a quite a few (children) that have reached that goal,” Vazquez said.

Secondary students earn points for the amount of time they read. Teens will earn a prize every time they reach a reading goal of 150 minutes.

Vazquez added the goal for secondary students is to reach 3,000 minutes, which is approximated equal to 20 hours.

“It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez added she has had teens reach the 3,000-minutes goal.

For more information regarding the reading program, parents may contact Benavides at

The public library is hosting a list of events throughout the summer and encourage children to explore the library while they wait or finish up an event.

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