Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton demonstrates to the audience how he is able to produce sound with the “halo,” a steel handpan, during his Strike, Scrape and Shake performance.

Val Verde County Public Library held the Strike, Scrape and Shake show Tuesday from 10:30-11:15 a.m. Parents and children were encouraged to attend the live show.

Mark Shelton performed for the audience with a set of percussion instruments and taught children a basic understanding of the instruments. Approximately 80 adults and children attended the performance.

Val Verde County Library Children’s Library Reba Benavides said the library has seen a good turnout all summer, especially during the live performances.

Shelton demonstrated a snare drum, handpan, hammered dulcimer, bones, doumbec, handsonic and other instruments throughout his performance. Shelton explained to the children they are able to make different sounds with instruments by either striking, shaking or scraping.

Shelton explained the different sounds a percussion instrument can make vary by how the instrument is used. When using the halo, Shelton demonstrated to the audience how it is able to produce sound on one side, but makes a different sound on the other side.

He enjoyed the moment and thanked the library staff and Friends of the Library for bringing him to Del Rio.

Shelton’s warmth and humor combine with his percussion prowess to create a family-friendly experience that connects with audiences, according to Shelton’s website.

Shelton has performed the Strike, Scrape and Shake Show to thousands of students in schools and libraries. His percussion work can also be heard in The North Carolina Symphony, The Dallas Wind Symphony, Strata Big Band, Tin Roof Tango and other musical arrangements.

Shelton is the second of three live performances featured at the public library for their summer events. The performances were made possible with the help from the Friends of the Library organization.

The final live performance will be on Aug. 5 and will consist of stunt juggler Matt Tardy. There will be two showings that day, one at 10:30 a.m. and the other at 1:30 p.m.

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