Julio’s Seasoning and Corn Chips Inc.

Julio’s Seasoning and Corn Chips Inc. opened its new production and storage facility next to its restaurant at 3900 U.S. Highway 90 on the east side of the city in 2019. In 2019, Julio’s also went nationwide when the brand was picked up for distribution by Walmart stores.

The number of new businesses that opened in Del Rio during the past year shows the local economy is strong and growing, says the city’s economic development director.

City Economic Development Director Oriana Fernandez said she, the city’s chief building official and members of the city’s planning department, have put together a list of new businesses at the request of the Del Rio City Council.

An iconic Del Rio brand, Julio’s Seasoning and Corn Chips Inc., opened its new 33,000-square-foot production and storage facility adjacent to its existing restaurant, 3900 U.S. Highway 90, on the east side of the city.

In 2019, the brand, which was created by Del Rioan Julio T. Garcia and members of his family, also went nationwide, securing distribution through Walmart stores.

“It’s amazing; the American dream, happening right here in Del Rio,” Fernandez said.

Del Rio in 2019 also welcomed Harbor Freight, 2401 Veterans Blvd., in a building previously occupied by Sutherlands Lumber.

Mesquite Creek Outfitters, 800 S. Main St., opened in 2019 in the old Ross Building in downtown Del Rio. That building had for many years prior housed The Emporium variety store and old-time soda fountain.“They’ve done really well, and I think they are helping spur the economic growth in downtown Del Rio. Because of their presence, people are starting to look more in that area of town,” Fernandez said.

She said Mesquite Creek also has worked to promote a number of Del Rio’s food trucks and said another food truck is interested in opening downtown during the lunch hour.

Several new restaurants opened in Del Rio in 2019.

The Pizza Outpost, 2211 Veterans Blvd., opened in December 2019, an expansion from its first location in Brackettville.

Among the other new restaurants that opened here last year were Crave, 112 W. Ogden St.; The 830 Kitchen, 301 Ave. B; The Bak Yard, 510 E. First St.; and Carmelo’s, 118 E. Garfield Ave.

Skillets, a popular northside eatery at 2003 Veterans Blvd., was purchased by Del Rio’s Amezcua family in 2019 and remodeled.

Del Rio also saw the opening of a new flower shop in 2019 – Floral Xpressions, 1100 N. Bedell Ave.

A new glass store, Global Glass, opened for business at 201 Veterans Blvd.

“We’ve seen a lot of movement in 2019. I think it shows how our Del Rio consumers feel, their confidence, and I think it also goes to show that people in general are more confident in taking the risks associated with opening a new business,” Fernandez said.

“We want to emphasize that the city is business-friendly. We are trying to help businesses wherever we can, to get them going and help them be successful,” she said.

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