Trump’s grease crayon fiasco over Hurricane Dorian’s destructive path had a disconcerting similarity to Sesame Street’s “The Great Cookie Thief” story read to my pre-Kindergarten son in 1979, His level of crazy thought it prudent to contradict Weather Service experts warning millions in the way, although creating unnecessary fear for Alabamans.

Responding to U.S. immigration revoking protections for migrants seeking life-saving medical care, a friend wrote: “If Trump owned the manger in Bethlehem, Jesus would have been in the dirt.” I share my friend’s concern.

His conservative base and Evangelical supporters’ attitude? “Illegal, shouldn’t be here!” Is that Jesus speaking, Matthew 25:43?

Future generations will ask: “What were we thinking?” and “What did we do?” The answer speaks to our character and compassion for others struggling with problems not of their making. We’ve already learned a good deal about ourselves and those we thought we knew.

What do we say to the calloused or indifferent to the stench of intentional cruelty, though miles removed from inhumane Trump Camps “Zero Tolerance”? What do we say to those unconcerned about the moral rot which spawned Trump and corrupt associations? What do we say to help others understand the problem with the President of the United States lying all the time?

Speak honestly, directly and resolutely: “Time’s long-passed for a blind eye, head-in-the-sand approach. In troubled times, character and integrity matter more than ever!” These are teaching moments.

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