Whitehead Memorial Museum exhibits

Whitehead Memorial Museum shares a sneak peak of a couple of the items that will encompass the new exhibit focusing on the Del Rio Little League team that went to the Little League World Series in 1962. The museum is also working on an exhibit focusing on Salas Better Burger and the Salas family.

As the ongoing novel coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis continues, a local museum prepares two new exhibits, and continues to share local history online in order to brighten and enlighten Del Rioans once everything returns to normal.

The Whitehead Memorial Museum recently began preparations for two new exhibits. One exhibit will focus on the Del Rio Little League team that went to the Little League World Series in 1962, Whitehead Memorial Museum Executive Director Michael Diaz said.

“The exhibit will be ready to view when the museum opens up after the local declaration allows us to,” Diaz said.

Diaz also added the museum is working on an exhibit that will highlight Salas Better Burger and the Salas family. “This exhibit should be done soon as well,” Diaz said.

In the meantime, Del Rioans can find a daily post of local history through the museum’s social media outlets.

“This will be a great time for those who have never been to the museum to see some of our collection,” Diaz said.

According to Diaz, the museum is encouraging Del Rioans and their children to check out online classes offered by Dinosaur George.

Dinosaur George makes a guest appearance at the museum once a year, primarily during the Dino Days exhibit. George’s presentations consist of dinosaur facts as well as jokes to grab his audience’s attention.

“Dinosaur George comes to the museum once a year and all the kids look forward to it. Because of the current situation, he is offering free online classes and we feel that it would benefit our community, so we have been sharing his content,” Diaz said.

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