A $1,000 donation from the Rotary Club of Del Rio is helping fund the renovation of restrooms in a park near the San Felipe Creek.

Renovation of the restrooms at Del Rio Rotary Park, sited along the banks of the creek between Canal and Academy streets in south Del Rio, began Wednesday, Jesse Reyes, the city’s parks and recreation and facility maintenance superintendent, said Friday.

“For this project, we partnered with the Rotary Club of Del Rio, and they’ve had a big part in the upgrades we’ve done at this park, including the playgrounds, the pavilion and the restrooms,” Reyes said.

The restroom renovation is the most recent project.

“What we’re doing right now is basically renovating the entire inside of the restrooms here at Rotary Park,” Reyes said.

“We’re going to add new toilets and sinks,

which will be stainless steel, and that’s one thing we’ll hopefully be able to follow suit with in many of the rest of the parks restrooms, like the ones at Hogan Park, San Felipe Lions Park, Buena Vista Park, UCO Park and Pop Word Park, anywhere where there are restrooms now,” he said.

Reyes said there are plans to construct additional restrooms at other city park properties in the future, but added those plans are as yet unfunded.

The first step in the renovation was to gut the inside of the small building that houses the restrooms: one for men and one for women. Everything was removed from the inside of the building, leaving only the foundation, walls and roof.

The building is located just off the corner of Canal and Academy streets, near the historic Brown Plaza.

“We’re coming back in with the electrical work. We’re going to have vents to circulate the air inside the building, then completely new fixtures, toilets, sinks, everything,” Reyes said.

Work on the Rotary Park restrooms began Wednesday, Oct. 2, and Reyes said he believes the work will be completed on Friday, Oct. 11.

All of the work being done at the restrooms is being done by city employees.

Reyes said all of the materials for the project were purchased using a donation from the Rotary Club.

“All of the materials we are using, with the exception of the toilets and the sinks, roughly around $1,000 worth, was donated by the Rotary Club of Del Rio,” Reyes said.

The Rotary Park restrooms are among those that will be kept open extended hours for Del Rioans who go to the park after work hours and on weekends.

“This is one of the restrooms that will be opened. After the council directed us to open the restrooms, it took immediate effect, the following day, so as of right now, the restrooms will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.,” Reyes said.

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