Del Rioans gathered and celebrated during Casa de la Cultura’s annual “Posada, Tamalada, Bailes y Cantos,” (shelter, tamale feast, dance and singing) held Saturday.

The event kicked off with the “posada,” or request for shelter, in which attendees walked from Casa’s building toward the Brown Plaza Association building and the Brown Plaza kiosk, to sing requesting for shelter.

For some attendees, like Jesus Zertuche, this was the first time they attended a posada and learned about the tradition. Zertuche helped out throughout the event, but it was also his first time experiencing the tradition.“It’s pretty different than I expected. In the posadas, I thought we go to houses and we sing, and that’s it,” Zertuche said.

Casa’s posada is different due to the different groups performing, the amount of food and open invitation to the public, Zertuche said.

“It’s a different experience … it’s really nice to go back to the traditions that we have,” Zertuche said.

Casa de la Cultura Executive Director Lupita De La Paz explained to attendees the posada reenacts Mary and Joseph’s journey for shelter for the birth of Jesus. Some attendees stood facing the procession and sang the denial of shelter.

After the procession was denied entry at both locations, they returned to the Casa where they were given shelter, in accordance with the tradition.

A performance by the Sacred Heart Church matachines followed the procession. The group performed for the audience and after finishing and were followed a guitar performance from Luis Figueroa.

Figueroa was the brave soul, from Jorge Martinez’s guitar class, that showed up to perform, according to De La Paz. Figueroa’s performance became more lively after it was announced he and the accompanying musician, Jesus Zertuche, met only minutes prior to the performance.

More performances followed throughout the night including classical ballet, Ballet Folklórico Corazón de México, Grupo Regrezo and Los Grooves.

Later in the night, children received toys from Santa Claus, the Consulate of Mexico in Del Rio and Casa’s Latino Aerobics students. The Rowdy Boys passed out candy bags to the children in attendance.

De La Paz thanked the various groups and sponsors for contributing to the success of the annual event.

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