A two-vehicle accident caused the closure of a highway south of Del Rio close to the Val Verde and Kinney county lines.

Texas Department of Transportation reported traffic delays on U.S. Highway 277 North heading southbound to Eagle Pass as two 18-wheelers were involved in an accident approximately 10 miles south of Del Rio and one-mile north of the Val Verde and Kinney county lines.

In a report TxDOT said they expected closure for the highway for six to eight hours. Drivers were notified of traffic delays through social media.

Any vehicle driving toward Eagle Pass was stopped at the intersection of U.S. 277 Hwy and State Loop 79, and detoured through the loop to U.S. Highway 90 East and FM Road 693.

The city of Del Rio released a statement on social media and alerted citizens of the accident. A helicopter was sent to the scene for possible injuries.

Cars and 18-wheelers southbound on U.S. Hwy 277 were lined up behind the accident for two miles. The 18-wheelers were redirected by Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office deputies sending them back.

Traffic piled up at the U.S. Hwy 277 and SL 79 intersection, as each vehicle was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy and redirected back to town or toward the detour. Warning signs were posted at intervals leading up to the intersection and leading up to the accident.

TxDOT announced the re-opening of the road at 5:38 p.m. The city of Del Rio said in their release drivers should use extreme caution if they had to drive through that area or select an alternate route to avoid the location.

Updates were transmitted by TxDOT and can be found on Twitter at @TxDOTLaredo.

U.S. Highway 277 has been a scene of accidents in the past five years and range from rollovers to fatal injuries.

The accident was classified as a secured scene and an investigation was taking place to identify the cause. Injuries and further updates were not reported as of press time.

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TXDOT need to make the Del Rio to Eagle Pass corridor a four lane highway instead of the by pass lanes. To much traffic and growth that needs to be address.

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