Travel restrictions

City of Acuña police officers screen a driver coming out of the Acuña port of entry. Enhanced travel restrictions due to the Labor Day weekend will go into effect Thursday afternoon and will continue on until Sunday.

ACUÑA, MEXICO – Thursday afternoon Acuña city officials will begin enforcing enhanced travel restrictions for travelers coming from Del Rio, regulations that will continue until Sunday by 4 p.m.

The enhanced travel restrictions were announced Thursday morning after Del Rio and Acuña officials agreed to reduce mobility across the international border, an effort aimed at helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The travel restrictions will be implemented ahead of the Labor Day weekend, in the same spirit as the Fourth of July weekend.

Acuña city officials announced a checkpoint will be open outside the grounds of the port of entry, at the intersection of Madero and Bravo streets, where travelers coming from Del Rio will be screened. Only those who justify their trip as essential will be allowed to continue on.

Travelers going to Acuña must be ready to provide proof of:

1.- Home address in Acuña or dual citizenship, showing a voter ID issued by the National Electoral Institute.

2.- Those traveling for medical purposes should carry proof of their appointment issued by an accredited doctor or hospital.

3.- Workers should provide a letter from their employer justifying the trip as essential, including name and address of the individual.

4.- Only one passenger per vehicle will be allowed accompanying an essential worker.

5.- Students returning to Mexico are encouraged to travel with a family member and to provide proper ID.

6.- Per local and state mandate, travelers must wear a face mask.

7.- Those traveling to other places in the state and in Mexico must show permits issued by the National Migration Institute.

8.- All visitors must be screened by medical personnel.

9.- Visitors will also be screened by civilian, military and health officials for COVID-19.

10.- City officials will be working in conjunction with public safety officials to return travelers not complying with these requisites.

11.- Enhanced travel restrictions will go into effect on Thursday Sept. 3, at 4 p.m., and until Sunday, Sept. 6 at 4 p.m.

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