Val Verde County Courthouse on election night

Val Verde County Clerk Generosa “Janie” Gracia-Ramon reads the unofficial early voting and election day totals from Val Verde County voters early Wednesday. She explained it will be about a week before all of the rest of the ballots are received, resolved and counted.

Hundreds of Val Verde County votes remain outstanding, waiting to be received, resolved and counted, election officials announced early Wednesday.

Val Verde County Clerk Generosa “Janie” Gracia-Ramon announced the unofficial vote totals for Val Verde County outside the county courthouse about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“Thank you for sticking around, and I apologize, but we had a lot of counting to do,” Ramon told a small knot of observers, including members of the media, Val Verde County Judge Lewis G. Owens Jr., Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez and Republican Party nominee for 63rd Judicial District Judge Roland Andrade and three of his supporters.

“We are still pending about 71 limited ballots, about 145 provisional ballots, and we have from 200-300 to resolve ballots and some FPCA (Federal Post Card Application), who get an additional five to six days to get their ballots here. All those ballots will still add to and change these numbers I am about to give you,” Ramon said.

Ramon explained the “resolve ballots” were “military voters who vote by email, so when they print out their information, it’s usually smaller than the regular size ballot, and all those ballots have to be conformed and resolved and copied, basically, by a team of three people.”
“That is what is taking us the longest, because there are about 200 to 300 of those,” Ramon said.

She reiterated the Federal Post Card Application ballots are also military ballots and said voters using this method are allowed “five to six days beyond Election Day for them to get their ballots to us.”

“Those (FPCA ballots) will then also have to be counted,” she added.

Ramon, as she had done Tuesday evening when she announced the unofficial results of early votes cast in person, read the races she believed were of the most interest to Val Verde County voters, including the presidential race, the U.S. Senate race, the race for U.S. representative, District 23; state senator, District 19; and state representative, District 74.

She continued with the races for 63rd Judicial District Judge, 63rd Judicial District Attorney, county, school district, hospital district and city council races.

Ramon said about noon on Wednesday she and her counting teams may be able to have the final unofficial vote totals within a week.

She said after the votes are counted, they won’t be official until they are canvassed by each of the governing entities that called the elections, such as county commissioners court, the school district and hospital district boards of trustees and the city council.