About 50 members of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce and their guests converged on Border Federal Credit Union’s new building for some spooky fun on Wednesday.

The monthly chamber mixer for October featured a Halloween theme, and many chamber members and guests came prepared for the festivities dressed in a variety of costumes.

The event was held in Border Federal Credit Union’s new East Gibbs Branch, 600 E. Gibbs St. BFCU staff recently held a grand opening at the new building, which was constructed on the site where the credit union first opened its doors in Del Rio.

Several credit union staffers, including Maria Martinez, BFCU president and chief executive officer; Abram Rodriguez, marketing manager; and Mariana Zuniga, BFCU human resources, got into the spirit of the evening by donning costumes.

Not to be outdone, many of the guests attending were costumed as well, including friends Helen Bomar and Carmen Gutierrez, Raul Lopez Jr. and Del Rio restauranteurs Leticia Amezcua and her son Eddie Amezcua Jr.

The Amezcuas, along with dad Eduardo Amezcua, provided trays of snacks from their Buffalo Wings and Rings restaurant. The Amezcuas also recently bought the Skillets restaurant and are renovating that iconic local eatery.

Guests circulated in the spacious BFCU lobby, pausing to stop at tables draped in black cloth with small globe projectors that threw colorful and spooky images onto the walls. BFCU staffers also decorated the inside of the credit union with several large spiderwebs and fake spiders.

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