Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

In her recent opinion letter, Ms. Joan Bice wants a specific fact as to why I call Trump a weasel. I believe Trump’s a weasel because as Ms. Bice knows, he is a liar who has no shame, but he is a dangerous liar, and his rants prove it.

In his recent rally in Ohio, as usual, preaching fear and hate about migrants, and asking, how do you stop them?

A Trump crazed man in the audience shouted out: “Shoot them!”

The weaselly Trump was pleased.

But now from weasel Trump to a “pristine creek” – Not too long-ago Mayor Lozano, and the lady director of Casa de la Cultura were fishing things out of the creek that didn’t belong in it. A recent analysis of the creek waters came up with e-coli, not pristine.

On a different issue of the News-Herald, a park’s board member, Joe Joplin, was quoted making a reference to the carrizo along the banks adding to the pollution, and making it known the carrizo is not native to the creek.

And I say the city should quit acting deaf and dumb, and clear the creek of its carrizo clusters. They make the creek look wild and unfriendly.

Maybe everything was pristine once, but we the people, “wonderful creation” that we are, have de-pristinize every nook and cranny of this world except maybe the mountain peaks. Some people go through life emphasizing the good and ignoring the bad. But sewage seeping into the creek is ugly!

And our number one leader Donald Trump is polluter extraordinaire. His environmental policies have let loose the dogs of war on the environment.

Coal companies are again free to create lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

But it’s not just the coal companies that have been given carte blanche to go rogue on the environment. Every industry has been set free to pollute to their heart’s content. Pollute the air, ground and water ways. Remember when pollution was so bad, a river in Ohio caught on fire?

Rain run-off ends up in the creek with all the crap it carries.

And maybe that can’t be helped, but it makes for a not so pristine creek.

Donald Trump says man has nothing to do with climate change, it’s a media hoax he says. Right.

And the Arctic and Greenland ice melting is a media hoax too.

And at the White House, policy is a family affair. Son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is in it solely for personal profit, is in charge of Middle East affairs, and trying his luck at bringing peace between Israel and Palestine.

Good luck with that one Jared, but real U.S. diplomats have tried and failed, and Jared Kushner crashed.

And so how is the whole Middle East thing? Ask the Yemeni civilians and children.

And now to complete the scandalous Trump foreign policy, comes daddy’s little girl, the Germanic queen, Ivanka, sticking her nose in the recent G-20 summit in Japan, where she was out of her league and not too well received.

But back to Buzzard, and its many assets as were recently mentioned, and described, and how proud we should be of our “dear city.”

But one asset was not mentioned, although it was brought up in a recent economic development council meeting.

Board member Antonio Rodriguez asked how the numbers were doing with the airline?

City Economic Director Oriana Fernandez said she heard it was on an upward trend but didn’t have the numbers. In other words, Ms. Fernandez, the director of economic development for Buzzard city didn’t know how the airline is doing.

But City Manager Wojnowski pops up with the numbers saying it’s about 70 to 80 percent. Wow.

Are these numbers that just popped into city manager’s head, or is he actually keeping score? Maybe. Maybe not.

I think those numbers are a hope and a prayer.

The list of assets did not mention any assets in Chihuahua or Comalia. Comalia’s claim to fame is that it sits right next to the boneyard.

Chihuahua, years ago, had a nice ballpark where minor leagues played. I heard the owner, a Del Rioan, tried to sell it to the city, but the then-council refused.

Buzzard has never tried to promote the minority neighborhoods.

And now Chihuahua’s claim to fame is the break-in of the mini-mart twice in the same week in July. The city’s claim to fame is buying a golf course in the red.

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