The San Felipe-Del Rio CISD Board of Trustees is moving forward with a tax ratification election and examining district-wide expenditures to alleviate budget woes before the school year begins.

The local school board addressed ways to balance its budget after taking a $660,000 hit to the budget from a Val Verde County wind farm appraisal. Board members discussed eliminating two administrative positions and reducing expenditures without compromising student services.

Chief Financial Officer Yanakany Valdez presented a $93 million budget that considers the additional funding the district would receive if a tax ratification election would pass. The district could gain $3.5 million for the 2018-2019 school year if the election passes.

The election will take place Nov. 4 if the board chooses to approve it.

Valdez presented the option of reclassifying gifted and talented teaching positions to save the district $379,050 and eliminating two administrative positions after the current occupants retire in December.

Valdez also presented an option of converting physical education teaching positions to an “aid” classification after the current occupants retire, saving the district $85,000.

“We’ll have savings of $846,320, which consist of reclassifications or conversions or elimination of positions,” Valdez said.

The board dismissed a previous option of eliminating elementary art teaching positions to save money.

“We plan on keeping the art teachers in their current positions,” Superintendent Dr. Carlos Rios said during the meeting. “The art teachers will not be one of the sources that generate savings for this year.”

Valdez also presented the option of reducing supplies, miscellaneous spending and cutting back on travel expenses, both of which would not impact the campuses, she said.

The board has anticipated the additional wind farm appraisal funding for about two years, Rios said.

“We are having to really put the brakes on different things and think how we are going to work around this deficit,” board president Raymond Meza said. “I think every entity had anticipated getting the full amount.”

The district is still working to balance a remaining $116,245 variance, Valdez said.

The board will hold its monthly meeting at 6 p.m., Aug. 20 and a budget workshop on Aug. 27.

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There hasn’t been much emphasis on how much the overall appraised values in the district have increased and how much new money will be brought in because of them , separate apart from the wind farm. I would bet it is substantial.

Also , with the wind farm value in litigation, wouldn’t it be wise to postpone the TRE until the issue is settled one way or another and the district has a final number with which plan?

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