Hello everyone: When I hear or see the word SAFE, I get focused. The reason, I have been a safety professional for over 25 years. I’ve dealt with aircraft safety, traffic safety, vehicle safety, explosive safety, chemical safety. Did I leave anything out?

So, when I saw the May 14 Del Rio News-Herald article titled, “Del Rio SAFE planning pride event” I was focused-in.

As I read the article the question that came to mind was, is the Del Rio Sexuality Advocacy For Everyone (SAFE) event really “safe?”

Having lived in Del Rio Texas from the time I was 19 years old and now 55, I am fairly sure that most people in our city and county have a Christian (includes Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostal, Non-Denominationalism churches and the like) based value system for themselves and their families.

Taking that into consideration, when we look at the beginning of human history, God tells us in His love letter, the Bible (Genesis Chapter 1), that He created the heavens and the earth. He continued to describe in the same chapter that He created men and women. God being creator, decides who will be a man and who will be a woman in this world.

Psalms 139:13 further emphasizes this point and states that God knitted each one of us together in our mother’s womb. Our in-born biological sex is not a mistake, it was predetermined by God for his perfect will.

In the same chapter of Genesis, God informs us that He created man and woman in His image and likeness. This fact lets us know that regardless of our belief and practices, each of us have value, dignity and relevance and are to be treated with respect. What does it mean to be created in God’s image and likeness?

Consider this, when we look in a mirror we see our image and likeness staring back at us. That image is our reflection. God created us with the capability to reflect Him throughout the earth.

In our homes, jobs, school, friendships and communities, we are to be reflecting God. Some say: “I do reflect God, because God is love and I love therefore I am reflecting Him.” When the Scriptures state, “God is love,” as it does in 1 John 4:8, it isn’t telling us that God is some warm fuzzy feeling.

When we read that God is love in the Bible, it means that God defines love. God defining love doesn’t mean He defines it like Webster’s Dictionary might define something. What is meant, is God is the very definition of love itself. We need God to be able to truly love, because He is love.

So, what has this to do with SAFE (Sexuality Advocacy For Everyone)?

As image bearers of God, we are also to be reflecting God in the area of our sexuality. God created sex and has set guidelines as to how we are to practice this aspect in our lives. When we operate within God’s design for sexuality, we are reflecting His ways, there is safety and it is something to be celebrated and promoted.

When we do not operate within the Creator’s design for sexuality (or anything else for that matter), we are not safe, and that lifestyle should not be celebrated and promoted. When we look at the book of Romans Chapter 1:21-32, this is only one of several passages in the Bible that address the issue of sexuality. The Bible is clear from cover to cover that God designed sexual activity only to be practiced between one man and one woman in the bond of marriage.

I think we all know that our culture has blown it in this area. But, that should not be a reason we give-up on sexual purity and throw in the towel.

If we ask God to forgive us, turn from those practices that do not reflect God and His ways, God will forgive us and help keep our hearts from going back.

My name is Brother James and I can be reached at (830) 774 4357 or email at wildmanc90@gmail.com. God’s Blessings!

Clarence James, Jr.

Del Rio, Texas

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I agree with you 100% Mr. James. No disrespect to the Mayor, It's his preference of choice how he wants to live, It's know surprise that it was just a matter of time before an event like this made it's way to Del Rio.


Yes, no disrespect to the mayor. However, we need to keep praying for him and our great town. Friday is community prayer at the amphitheater from 8pm to 1am and hope to see you there.


Well written Brother James I agree and support you 100 percent Bishop McCrea


Thankyou Sir. Joshua 13:1.

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