Jose Ignacio G. Solis

Jose Ignacio G. Solis

A San Antonio man speeding through Del Rio and trying to flee from law enforcement officials was recently arrested and charged with reckless driving, a Class B misdemeanor. Jose Ignacio G. Solis, 29, who has his place of residence listed at the 200 block of Ranch Valley Drive, in San Antonio, was arrested on June 25.

Court documents state a Chevy Monte Carlo was spotted at 8:20 a.m. driving eastbound at a high rate of speed on U.S. Highway 90 East, clocking 97 miles per hour at the 2300 block of U.S. Highway 90.

According to a probable cause affidavit by the arresting officers, Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office deputies Julio De Hoyos and Roxana Lopez observed the driver of the vehicle had a tattoo sleeve on his left arm as the vehicle passed by.

The deputies made a “U” turn and started chasing the Monte Carlo, which continued speeding away swerving in and out of traffic. The Monte Carlo turned left on Railway Avenue followed by the patrol car, but the officers lost sight of the car.

The peace officers turned west onto East Bowie Street, where they observed two men walking on the 900 block of Sartwell Street.

One of the men, the document states, matched the description of the driver of the Monte Carlo, with the sleeve tattoo on his left arm and was wearing a black shirt.

Deputy De Hoyos, according to the affidavit, asked where the Monte Carlo was and proceeded to detain Solis to further investigate.

The men were later identified as Solis and 20-year-old Hector Beltran.

De Hoyos walked down the street while Lopez stayed with the men. De Hoyos found the Monte Carlo parked in the driveway of a residence at the 900 block of East Virginia Street. The owner of the residence, who was standing outside, stated the car was not hers.

The vehicle was identified as a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo registered to Solis.

De Hoyos advised Solis he had found the car. According to the affidavit Solis said he was following his boss and he was late to work, and that was his reason for speeding.

Solis was arrested and charged with evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, he was transported to the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office for processing and later taken to the GEO correctional facility.

Beltran was released on scene after obtaining a voluntary witness statement. The vehicle was towed to Leo’s Wrecker pending Solis’ release from custody.

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