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Gene Chapman

The News: Trade war escalating, recession coming, North Korea shoots a missile, Trump is fighting the two Muslin congressperson’s who hate Israel working to wipe them off the map, but Trump is the anti-Semite because of his words.

Anthony Scaramucci, working for Trump for 11 days before being fired, is the current leftist hero, angry, trying to recruit opposition to run against him in the primary, and on and on it endlessly goes. Trump is crazy – (like a Fox).

They never talk about the new $9-10 trillion of new wealth created with rising wages and growing middle class, not the usual upper income growth the Establishment so loves.

They avoid like the plague reporting that America has been subsidizing China’s ascension to become the dominant military and economic power in the world.

Even some Democrats silently applauded Trump for standing up to China after the Obama years of open theft of America’s entrepreneurial technology, and military secrets worth trillions for them, as we financed it with their trade advantages.

During Obama years our economy grew at an anemic 1.8 percent, while China grew at up to 12 percent or better. Under Trump our economy is growing robustly unreported, while China claims they are growing at five percent or better, many think it’s nearer zero growth.

Under Communism, lying is the normal, and truth is only used if it fits their gorilla dust propaganda agenda of the moment. Reminds me of the New York Times who pushed Trump collusion with Russia until Mueller couldn’t deliver using every dirty trick in the book, and when it failed, a whistle blower released a tape disclosing the Times was switching to racism and White nationalism to destroy Trump.

The Deep State Establishment has run America for too long, enriching themselves at your expense. Trump is hysterically hated for putting the people in charge with a growing economy and higher wages, and showing the hope and change internationalist big boys controlling the Deep State the door.

There is no guarantee that it is permanent, so long as the left controls the WORDS with their ability to make good bad in the minds of lemmings to the sea. But for today, the people are in charge receiving the riches they deserve, and the leftist Deep State establishment may be going to jail if justice is served.

One toke too many Overstock’s CEO, Patrick Byrne resigned Aug. 22 claiming ties to the 2016 election as a FBI stooge, saying it was all about political espionage against Trump, and the biggest scandal in America’s history. But the mainstream media is running like a desperate yeller dog from this story, hoping for a miracle of gorilla dust to make it all Trump’s fault. I hope America wins.

China finally joined with the Democrats to destroy Trump’s chances for 2020 re-election hoping to start a real recession targeting wavering Trump voters. China is refusing to buy our farm products, while buying farm ads in Iowa to vote Democrat.

I predict our economy is strong enough to withstand the assault, and if the Federal Reserve lowers the seven-time raised interest rates since Trump was elected, our economy will soar. We need to rethink our trade with communist China who casually steal our economic and military secrets, with intentions to replace America’s good influence in the world in freedom, with godless evil slavery.

The Democrat House so far has refused to bring up Trump’s renegotiated NAFTA agreement and send it to an impatient Senate for approval. This is a bigger trade agreement than China, and nobody is talking about it, worth real money for our economy with Mexico and Canada happier with it.

It should be obvious to voters now that the Democrats have no intention of cooperating with Trump on anything creating better times in America for low end workers understanding that life is better with the dignity of jobs.

Say what you will, but Trump is a strong leader, determined to keep America the dominant economic and military power in the world. Brash is the New York way, but they know when to fold them in our best interest when the deal is done.

The media is efficient, determined to destroy him, One World nuts. IRS knows that 90 percent of America got a big tax cut, but 60 percent of America have been convinced they didn’t. Is America only indoctrinated, and confused with loud mouth words of propaganda?

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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