Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

We, by the virtue of a local columnist, just got a rundown on the contributions Republicans in government have made to American society throughout the history of this country.

Good deeds Republicans? Well, let’s go back to where it all started. Thomas Jefferson said the young nation was a Democratic Republic, but three Republicans refused to sign the Declaration of Independence.

And the seventh president, Andrew Jackson, who as president-elect arrived in D.C. with a tomahawk and a knife in his belt around his middle, dropped Republican from Democratic Republic, and the Republicans disappeared, only to re-emerge in 1854 from what I believe was a cold, dark swamp in Wisconsin.

They started out on a good footing supporting Lincoln to ban slavery in the Constitution, but for 100 years Republicans did nothing, zilch, nada against Jim Crow.

Any and all good things Republicans came to a screeching halt after Eisenhower. Oh, I almost forgot, they did support Democrat Lyndon Johnson who was looking to the Senate Republicans to join him, M.L.K., and the Democrats to pass Civil Rights legislation in the early 1960s.

The Republicans wouldn’t touch school desegregation with 10-foot pole. I don’t think the thought behind desegregation was that it would make everyone smarter. But it helped, there was more positive than negative. We all have a natural intelligence, but humanity has always had its share of slow learners, witness President Trump.

And DRISD who has a segregated school for students who can’t or won’t keep up with the rest of the class.

Me, I kept the coaches busy. They would have me touch my toes while they swung a holed paddle at my backside.

But speaking of Trump, the week of Oct. 14 was a total disaster for his “great and unmatched ego.” I mean he poked the Senate Republican hornets’ nest and got stung badly; 129 U.S. House Republicans voted with the Democrats to express their disapproval of Trump’s withdrawal from Northern Syria leaving America’s allies, the Kurds, to the mercy of the Turks which are not in a merciful mood.

Republican Mitt Romney on the floor of the Senate told Trump and the world that Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds is a “bloodstain in the annals of American history.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the on and off Trump lover, said that was the most stupid thing the administration has done to date.

Mitch McConnell said the move was a grave mistake and apologized to the Kurds.

This not-so-great, commander-in-chief surrendered to the Turks angering U.S. Forces there helping the Kurds with advice, and air strikes when he ordered them to get out of the Kurd’s territory.

If he had not ordered the U.S. military out of Northern Syria, the Turks would not have invaded.

The so-called ceasefire is not a ceasefire, it’s a five day “pause’ to allow the Kurds to pack up and leave their homes, and that’s what Trump’s “friend’ Erdogan wanted.

And Trump gets to keep his two Trump Towers in Istanbul. And such are the ways of evil men always preying on those who people (maybe too many) think is some kind of Godly punishment.

Does God punish people for being born on the wrong side of wealth, never to enjoy peace and safety for their children? Always at the mercy of killers who use their power and position to exterminate those without power. Trump says the killer dictator Erdogan is his friend, and the Kurds are no angels.

The Kurds fight back. They don’t want to be exterminated by Trump’s pal yipyap Erdogan, who practically told Trump to go use his tough talk on his Senate Republicans.

Because of Trump, the Kurds are caught between two evils, Bashar Al-Assad and Yipyap Erdogan.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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I can simply not understand why the Del Rio News Herald continue to print your hateful, pathetic rhetoric. You rewrite history here like it is fact and it's not. It's just your own personal opinion about things and it's full of lies. It's Just like the fake "whistle blower" that we have now learned was coached by Shifty Schiff and his staff. It was his own interpretation of the "meaning" of what he heard on the call but in fact nobody else who was on the call took it that way. And now we have the transcript which proves that there was no quid pro quo. No crime. So stop wasting our time. And you must feel really stupid...since this piece ran and Trump and our amazing Navy Seals took out #1 and #2 in ISIS. Countering exactly what you wrote about above. Ultimately giving the Kurds exactly what they wanted and needed from the US. And wow, we even worked with the Turkey and Russia to get it accomplished. Stop your bad mouthing and stand up for your country you are supposed to love or move somewhere else. The Del Rio News Herald really needs to find some new writers that are not as obviously extreme left views or they are going to continue to lose their audience who are simply tired of this radical out of touch thinking. Retire Already. Please.

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