San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District held the yearly convocation event Monday for district staff. Teachers and staff were greeted by Del Rio High School cheerleaders outside the Carl P. Guys Gymnasium before the event.

During convocation, board of trustees’ members expressed their gratitude toward the staff.

“The longer I stay in this position, the more I realize your (the teacher’s) work is hard … everyone, collectively, makes the district what we are,” board member Alfredo Contreras said.

Board member Amy Haynes said they could not do their jobs without the school district and their staff. Board member Joshua Overfelt rapped Dwayne Reed’s song “Welcome Back to School” for the audience and was followed by board secretary Diana E. Gonzalez performing her rendition of Queen’s hit song “We are the Champions.”

The Del Rio High School Marching Band, Mariachi, Belles, Flag Team, Dance Company and Jazz Band performed for the audience. Superintendent Dr. Carlos Rios encouraged staff, whose children were participating in the performance, to get closer.

Rios introduced guest speaker Adam Welcome to the audience. Welcome has been a teacher, principal, and director of innovation for a school district of 35,000 students, and pushes the envelope to do what is right for the students.

Welcome addressed the importance of integrating technology in the classroom, the influence of social media and connecting educators across the country.

“We cannot teach Wi-Fi kids with landline strategies,” Welcome said. He said technology and collective learning helps students become more engaged in the classroom.

Welcome explained if a device, such as Amazon’s Alexa, can answer a question then the question is not a challenge for students. He said students need to have more in-depth learning, and education needs to be more challenging.

School district staff is preparing for the first day of school with staff development taking place throughout the week. Each campus previously announced dates and times for orientation.

Orientation is scheduled throughout the week. For more information, visit or the school district’s Facebook page.

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