A Del Rio woman who was arrested Tuesday after a daylong standoff in Del Rio’s north side will be facing charges of criminal trespass and hindering with the process, Val Verde County officials said Friday.

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez said the woman, Maryvel Suday, was transported to the Val Verde County Jail / GEO corrections facility in a patrol unit, where she was magistrated and bonded out.

Suday was arrested Tuesday afternoon, after a daylong standoff in a residence located at the 100 block of Glen Canyon Drive. Deputy sheriffs pepper sprayed the woman who had locked herself up in a vehicle in an effort to prevent law enforcement officers from evicting her.

“There was an ambulance on site to treat her, she was treated and released before she was taken to the jail by a patrol unit,” Martinez said.

Martinez said Suday was evicted in compliance with an order signed by the Sixth Administrative Judicial Region Judge Stephen B. Ables. The News-Herald reported Wednesday that the order was from the 4th Court of Appeals, but litigation in the appeals court involves a different part of the judicial process.

The eviction order stems from a lawsuit following the divorce of Olga Tamez de Suday and Jesus Lozano Suday, rendered in court on June 21, 2019. Maryvel Suday was named independent executor to the estate of her mother Olga Tamez de Suday.

The property Maryvel Suday was evicted from was her parents’ marital residence, but an agreement filed in court after the divorce shows the parties agreed to be awarded half of the individual interest in the marital residence. The same agreement granted Olga Tamez de Suday the right to live in the residence until sold.

Following the divorce decree Olga Tamez de Suday filed for a new trial, but she died on Oct. 18, 2019.

As independent executor to the estate of her mother Maryvel Suday continued with the litigation in the case against Jesus Lozano Suday. Litigation in the civil case is still pending.

She was charged with criminal trespass and with hindering with the process, she was magistrated and bonded out of jail Tuesday night.