Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

The article in the News-Herald Sunday, Aug. 25 about the G7 Summit as taken from the Associated Press says in part:

As global leaders gather on two continents to take account of a darkening economic outlook, thus is the picture they face:

“Factories are slumping, many businesses are paralyzed, global growth is sputtering, and the world’s two mightiest economies are in the grip of a dangerous trade war.” And as Donald Duck would exclaim, – Wak!

But a local columnist who spews his gorilla dust all over the place, reminds me of an old song titled “Your Lying Eyes” due to all the gorilla dust in them, which won’t let any Trump supporter see the truth as they wrap themselves around their tantrum-throwing child-like president.

And the local columnist further deludes himself saying Trump is far from racism and white nationalism.

Sure, and that’s why he said they were fine people. And the local columnist wants us patriots to get on board.

But it sounds like former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh, Republican from Illinois, who once was a Trump defender, now calls him a serial rapist, and that we cannot survive another four years of Trump.

Former governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, another Republican, feels the same as Walsh, and they are both candidates for president against Trump.

Man, some GOPers are showing some guts, while too many are showing a lack of.

Get on board he says. Get on board with a genius president who in a stroke of lunacy suggests dropping a nuclear bomb on a hurricane to keep it from reaching the United States?

This is the man who would keep us safe from a hurricane but doom us with nuclear fallout. And probably the local columnist would defend the genius in the Oval Office for such brilliant thinking.

If we are in the “end times” like Bible-thumpers enjoy saying, Donald Trump seems to want to hurry it up.

And like fleas on a dog’s back, not a few Evangelicals are set to make a Christian temple out of the Oval Office with Trump impersonating a genius religious guru making war on people who, like Joe Walsh, fail to see him as a genius and now want him out; at first, he agreed with Trump on everything, including Trump’s war on children.

Trump’s genius shows by the advisers he picks and defends, such as trade advisor Peter Navarro, who in 2016 couldn’t name a single economist who agreed with his views on trade. And recently, he referred to the Wall Street Journal editorial page of sounding communist.

Boy, if that’s true, then a lot of conservatism has gone communism.

And Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, whose department is filled with vacancies. Many senior jobs lack even a nominee.

There is likewise no nominee for the Senate-confirmed job of chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, the acting chair is a health expert. That is pure genius from genius Trump.

Trump is trying hard to hammer a wedge between the Democrats and Israel by accusing two Democratic Congresswomen of being anti-Jewish, which is sheer nonsense.

In America, we agree to disagree, it does not mean that you hate anybody, it just means you have political differences.

Trump himself snubs American allies on climate change and global warming. Seventy percent of American Jews voted for Democrats against Trump.

Israel Prime Minster Bibi Netanyhu and Donald Trump have developed a political alliance to deceive and create mischief.

But former Israel ambassador to the United Nations, Dore Gold, also former advisor to Netanyhu, warned in a conversation at the Hudson Institute on Nov. 27, 2018, “you reach out to Democrats and you reach out to Republicans, and you don’t get caught playing partisan politics in the United States.”

Dore Gold is a right-winger in Israel.

Trump, his usual self at the G7 Summit, insisted the G7 become the G8 again by bringing Russia back in, ignoring Vladimir Putin’s taking over the Crimea by force and aiding and abetting rebels in Ukraine.

And he has no shame at all insisting next year’s G-7 be held at one of his golf resorts in Florida and he says he will invite Russia.

Of course, when you are “the chosen one” as he claims he is, anything is possible.

And Bible thumpers should be ashamed with this affront to Jesus by a man who on a Hollywood video by a producer named Billy Bush, really showed his lack of character.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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