Reno Luna

After the pandemic disrupted his class’ senior year, Del Rio High School student Reno Luna felt compelled to run for president. Luna won. As president, hopes to rekindle the school spirit his class has lost.

The last time high school senior Reno Luna ran for a class position was in elementary school. The Del Rio High School student served as fifth grade class president. Some of his main duties were creating different activities for his class such as game nights, toy drives and food charities.

After his elementary presidential stint, Luna did not run for any class positions again because he felt there were always other students that represented his class well. He did not feel it was necessary to run for any positions.

That changed this year. Luna ran for president of his 2021 class and won – a decision that even surprised Luna.

“This wasn’t even in my plans,” Luna said. “If you would’ve asked me six months ago if I would’ve done this, I would’ve said ‘no.’”

Luna said the subtraction of social events from his class’ calendar due to the pandemic is what motivated him to run for president. Without those events, Luna said his class has not been able to enjoy their senior year as they normally would. They can’t do things like attend pep rallies or sit in student sections at sporting events.

Luna said conversations with his “devastated” peers from his class also motivated him to run for president. He said his class is typically high-spirited and has won many spirit competitions at pep rallies. But the pandemic upended their senior year, which saddened many of them.

“That made me want to get out there and see what I can do to make this year for my class just a little bit more normal,” Luna said.

The most important goal for Luna as class president is to rekindle the vibrant spirit his class had pre-pandemic. He wants his classmates to still attend sporting events and show their “Ram and Queen” pride he said.

Luna said he also wants to think of alternative ways to do many of his class’ canceled events with pandemic safety protocols. He is trying to do all he can to salvage his class’ senior year.

“Right now, everyone’s a little bit disappointed in the way that this has been going and it’s understandable – there’s nothing we can do about it,” Luna said. “But we’re going to try to make the best of what we have.”