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Andrea Maldonado, Lauren Alvarado, Rebeka Chavez, Natalie Guerrero, Carolina Sanchez, Jose Diaz Jr., Sydney Gallegos, Dora Estrada, Adriana Hernandez and Madison Perkins are members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Ram and Culinary Arts chapters, and spent time over the winter break preparing their projects for the upcoming region competition, to be held Jan. 31 at Corpus Christi.

Local members of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, also known as FCCLA, are preparing for the upcoming regional competition, to be held in Corpus Christi, on Jan. 31, and are using their classroom skills as experience for the future.

Students will represent Del Rio within a variety of 64 Students Taking Action with Recognition, also known as STAR events, and five proficiency events during the competition. Only the top five in each event will advance to the state level, and the top two at state will advance to the national competition.

Del Rio High School is home to the FCCLA Ram and Culinary Arts chapters, with members of both chapters meeting after school hours and during vacation to prepare their projects. Each student chose a project that in some way provides a service or informs the community.

“It’s tough, you’re here on a weekend or a holiday. They (the students) probably worked on their stuff during the holiday. It is challenging in that way; it is good for them, it spurs change in them,” FCCLA Advisor Linda Corbell said.

Some chose projects that focus on FCCLA alone, with a primary focus on sharing the organization’s objectives, benefits and invite other high school students to join. FCCLA member Rebekah Chavez’s project focuses on the organizations achievements, and other accomplishments.

Others chose projects that focus on their career pathways or an objective that is close to home.

FCCLA member Sydney Gallegos chose a project in which he is able to learn hands on experience within a teaching setting, while members Dora Estrada and Adriana Hernandez worked together to create a project which would establish FCCLA at the elementary level.

Previously, FCCLA member Carolina Sanchez shared the success of her project with the public during the 15th annual Niños Navideños.

FCCLA member Andrea Maldonado puts her culinary skills to the test with her project and Lauren Alvarado addresses the importance of understanding autoimmune diseases.

For many of the members, this is their second or third year competing. Yet, for FCCLA member Jose Diaz Jr., this is his first time and he chose a project focusing on interview skills.

Each member agreed the skills they learn through FCCLA will benefit them after high school, and prepare them for the job market. For members like Rebeka Chavez, they joined after learning of the organization’s scholarship opportunities, leadership skills and other benefits.

For those like Carolina Sanchez, they had friends within the organization and knew of the benefits before joining.

FCCLA is open to all students, the only difference being students not in Family and Consumer Science courses cannot participate in competition, according to FCCLA President Madison Perkins.

The organization allows the students to grow as they continue throughout their high school career. Some of the skills members learn include leadership, public speaking, teamwork, conflict resolution and respect, amongst other skills.

The Texas Association for FCCLA celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, and through FCCLA local students have received scholarships, according to FCCLA advisor Linda Corbell.

“It’s amazing the progress they (the students) make after joining the program. Some are very confident, not a shy bone in their body; and for some it’s bringing out what they have over time,” Corbell said.

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