Ckyle Boykin, general manager of Del Rio’s IHOP restaurant, is inviting diners from around the area to experience the eatery’s newly-remodeled dining rooms.

“We have just finished our renovation of the restaurant, and we’re excited for our customers to come and take a look,” Boykin said.

Boykin has worked for IHOP for 11 years and has been the general manager of the Del Rio restaurant, 2203 Veterans Blvd., for five years.

“We redid the floors, the seats, the tables, the lights, the restrooms. We’ve just gotten everything done,” Boykin said.

The restaurant floors, which were once covered in carpet, are now a modern, wood-look laminate.

“They finally decided to take the carpet out entirely and put this new flooring in, and it’s much easier to take care of. We used to have this huge vacuum that made a lot of noise, and we had to vacuum twice a day, so we were happy to be able to get rid of that,” Boykin said.

All of the seating in the restaurant, both for its series of booths and the chairs for its freestanding tables, has been reupholstered. Boykin also noted the wood chairs have been replaced with metal chairs.

One change Boykin said he believes makes the restaurant more friendly-feeling is the removal of the frosted glass partitions in the central booth area. The glass has been replaced by modern-looking, horizontal bars.

“IHOP is about neighbors and being neighborly, saying hello. It also makes it easier for servers to see guests that might have just arrived or a guest who is looking around who maybe needs something. That way an employee, whether a server or any of us, can help them immediately,” Boykin said.

The light fixtures are new as well and match the metal syrup trays on the tables.

Boykin said the hostess and cashier’s stations at the front of the restaurant have been given a facelift, and a large glass window near the hostess station has been replaced by an art piece featuring colored circles.

Boykin said the restoration began on the afternoon of Sept. 22, and the restaurant was closed while the remodeling was done and reopened at 10 p.m. on Sept. 25.

He invited all of Del Rio to come in and experience the restaurant’s new look.

“We care about our community. We want to give them something special and lift them up. We care about the people that we serve. We welcome the community to come and check it out,” Boykin said.

He added although IHOP’s menu was not part of the renovations, the restaurant offers promotional items every three months or so and revamps its menu every six months. For instance, he said, IHOP now offer many gluten-free menu options.

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