We no longer have to bite the bullet enduring the endless escapades of Robert Francis O’Rourke because he’s no longer in the race for president.

He ended his presidential run by standing on a box that staffers had stamped on it in black lettering the words “soap” and “Beto 2020”.

Standing on a soap-box!

He was the ultimate cool-kid wannabe; the skinny, scrawny, snot-nosed little kid who desperately wanted to be accepted by the brawny, big-shot boys at school who were older, had more real-world, life-experience.

He wanted to be acknowledged by the cool-kids, have them say that he was one of them.

He sought attention by posting awkward, embarrassing videos on social media. The message that came across was: Hey everyone, look at me! See how cool and what a hipster I am! See me skateboarding! Here I am getting my teeth cleaned!  Here I am changing a flat-tire! Here I am acting like I belong on the Democrat debate stage with all the heavy-hitters!

Look at me! Please like me! Won’t you be my friend? Let me hang-out with you! Please, please, please!

Free-tips from the really cool guys:

You were trying too hard to be cool. You’re either cool or you’re not. I’m afraid you just aren’t cool. I don’t mean to be cruel, man, but you’re just too goofy. Goofy guys aren’t cool. Also you’re too excitable, chill-out!

People could see that the president would have wiped the floor with you on the debate stage.

Another thing: Stop saying things just to say things that you think the raging-radicals want to hear you say. Like that comment about taking people’s guns away and saying there would be dire consequences for non-compliance. Don’t mess with a guy’s girl or his guns, got it?  Be a straight-shooter, don’t go off half-cocked. Buck-up buckaroo!

Then you were messing with people’s religious beliefs. Man, stay away from that, that’s not cool.

Glad you’re out of the presidential race, maybe you’ll land a nice cushy-job like Hunter Biden.

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