Demand for breakfast and lunch meal delivery provided by San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District remains consistent overall, while there was a slight increase in breakfast demand and decrease in lunch demand during the first full week in May.

May 4-8, the school district delivered approximately over 30,000 breakfast and lunch meals combined. This is similar to amount of meals delivered the week prior, April 21- 24.

Demand for breakfast meals increased to a minimum of 2,300 meals per day, while demand for lunch decreased to a minimum of 3,600 meals per day.

The meals are delivered to eight different areas; Garfield area, Lamar area, Ruben Chavira area, Del Rio Middle School area, Dr. Lonnie Green area, Buena Vista area, North Heights area, South Del Rio: Del Rio High School area.

There are 31 meal delivery or drop off locations, and the locations are divided between the eight areas. All the meals are prepared and delivered by 98 school district employees.

Meal delivery began on March 16, after the school district suspended physical classes for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year due to the ongoing novel coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis.

Students have been given school work through email or physical mail, as physical classes remain suspended.

The school district recently adopted an alternative grading policy in order to account for grades, grade point averages or GPAs, and class rankings for the 2020 spring semester.

Meal delivery for the week of May 4-8

Day Breakfast Lunch
Monday 2,329 3,751
Tuesday 2,349 3,730
Wednesday 2,403 3,695
Thursday 2,329 3,784
Friday 2,398 3,626
Total 11,808 18,586

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