City of Del Rio

Members of the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation approved a resolution pledging $300,000 to assist Val Verde County in the reconstruction of a truck route just south of the city limits.

Corporation members approved the resolution endorsing the county’s reconstruction of Frontera Lane during its Oct. 15 meeting.

Economic Development Corporation President Leo Martinez introduced the topic, telling the new members, “We’ve been talking about this off and on for maybe a year now, and I think the county has finally got funds to start the project.”

He said Val Verde County Judge Lewis G. Owens Jr. attended the corporation’s meeting in September and gave a presentation about the road reconstruction project.

“During that meeting, there was a motion made that we make a resolution to support that project, so we can get it started,” Martinez said.

Martinez said the motion was for the corporation to pledge $300,000 “to help support the Frontera Lane project.”

The resolution notes that the corporation “supports the reconstruction of Frontera Lane for the promotion of international trade and for the support of future industrial development and expansion.”

Martinez said the board would consider the motion, and if it is approved, the resolution would go to the Del Rio City Council for final approval and release of the funding.

City of Del Rio Economic Development Director Ori Fernandez said the council might table the resolution to wait for the results of the Nov. 3 city council meeting.

“If the council decides to table it, it will remain on the agenda for a council meeting in November,” Fernandez said.

Martinez said he would at least like to see the resolution “put in front of the council.”

“There’s only two ways to go, yes or no, and we’ve delayed this, and we’ve been talking about this for about a year, and I would like for us to move forward, and I’ll entertain a motion,” Martinez said.

Economic Development Corporation Vice President Eddie Amezcua Jr. made a motion to approve the resolution, with Board Member Jorge Aguilar giving the second.

Amezcua also included as part of his motion the pledge of $300,000 toward the county’s efforts to reconstruct Frontera Lane.

The motion passed unanimously.