Brother J

Brother J

We have had many years when problems arrived we looked to governments to solve them. It might be an oil crisis, financial crisis or any other problem.

Yes, governments and leaders can do many things, but we need to realize that those leaders, governments and powers are allowed by God, (Romans 13:1, Psalm 22:28).

We are in a world crisis right now like I have not seen in my lifetime. There is and has been many terrible situations in other parts of the world.

Places where people are being persecuted, killed, losing everything they possess and fleeing for their very lives because of what they believe or do not believe. Are we just to sit back and trust in government or others to solve our problems?

What do we do in the event of a world crisis?

Rest assured we are going to have them. Maybe we are looking for or putting our trust in the wrong places. We need to know where real help comes from and how to get it.

Having a refuge, (hiding place, Psalm 18:2-6), getting quiet and praying is the way to get real help, (Psalm 27:1, 62:2). I received a call last night asking everyone to pray for three minutes at 9 p.m. for God’s help with the coronavirus pandemic.

If we humbly call upon God in time of trouble, God can deliver, (Psalm 50:14&15). Maybe we should all get on our knees!

See you in church.

Brother J

Brother J, whose real name is Jerry Davenport, is an ordained minister and has worked extensively in Mexico.

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