Recent heavy rains caused Lake Amistad level to rise and prompted National Park Service Amistad National Recreation Area to close the San Pedro Cliffs visitation to public use, due to high water crossing Spur 454.

Friday afternoon that area of the park was closed to the public, with the lake still taking up the runoff of record-setting rains recorded last week in Del Rio and surrounding area.

Monday morning, the park recorded 10-inch-high water on Spur 454, the road accessing the San Pedro Cliffs.

Park Superintendent Chris Ryan said maintenance crews were in the visitation area to pull out two porta-pottys previously installed for public use, and to service the animal-proof trash cans.

The area had been closed until May 24, when the park administration reopened San Pedro Cliffs after the International Boundary and Water Commission moved water from Lake Amistad to Lake Falcon.

The movement brought down the lake level as the commission transferred water for municipal usage and agricultural purposes down the stream of the Rio Grande River. Lake levels dropped below the former U.S. Highway 90, now known as Spur 454.

Since the filling of the lake, in 1969, the road has gone underwater and re-emerged depending upon lake level.

On Tuesday, Del Rio received 4.23 inches of rain, breaking a 40-year-old record for the day. The storm system also drenched areas north and northwest of Del Rio, dropping large amounts of rain in the basins of the Pecos and the Devils rivers, both tributaries of the Rio Grande River.

As of Monday morning, the lake level had gone up 1.49 feet since June 3, when it was at 1084.69 feet above mean sea level. On Monday, at 11:15 a.m., the lake was at 1086.18 feet above MSL.

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