A Hollywood stuntman has chosen Del Rio as part of his continuing adventure throughout the country. The city will have the opportunity to see celebrities and learn some important lessons.

The Anti-Bullying Expo also known as “Baca-Con” will take place on August 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Del Rio Civic Center. The expo will consist of vendors, celebrities, magic shows and comedy shows.

MarkAnthony Baca, Expo Director and Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts stuntman, created the event as a way to address the importance of recognizing bullying amongst children. “I was bullied growing up and just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean they’re bullying; ‘bullying’ has been hyped up more than it needs to be,” Baca said.

Through the expo Baca pushes his goals and prevents more kids from committing self-injury or pushing others to commit self-injury. He also intends for kids to feel safe and be willing to open up to a trusted adult if they are going through a similar situation.

“When I was a kid, I wouldn’t tell my mom and dad I was getting bullied. I didn’t tell them because I felt they would feel embarrassed if they knew their kid was getting bullied,” Baca said.

He has been running the expo across the country for over 20 years, with a total of over 500 shows under his belt. Baca hinted the Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts may also join him for the expo.

Baca works in the film industry, specifically in stunt work. Through his career he has met celebrities also willing to share their stories of struggle to attendants.

“Everyone has a story of struggles. It helps kids understand they are not alone when they hear these celebrities share their stories,” Baca said.

The expo and Baca have been praised by teachers, principals and officials from other cities across the country. The positive feedback continues to push Baca to reach every person possible.

There will be an entry fee. There is no charge for children five and under.

Vendors are welcome to participate at the event. For more information, attendants and vendors may text Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts at (850) 612 2849.

Baca first discovered Del Rio when he previously performed his stunts at the Plaza del Sol Mall and enjoyed the atmosphere. He also is currently working on an anti-bullying app for kids.

The app will consist of providing kids contact and help from school employees while also providing resources beyond that. He hopes to put out a demo of the app toward the end of the year.

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