Roland Andrade

Republican Party nominee Roland Andrade has won the election as the 63rd Judicial District Judge.

Republican Party nominee Roland Andrade has won the election for the office of 63rd Judicial District Judge, according to additional unofficial election results released Monday.

Val Verde County Clerk Generosa “Janie” Ramon on Monday night released the results of most of the ballots that had remained uncounted following the Nov. 3 General Election. Those ballots included limited and provisional ballots, as well as ballots that still needed to be resolved.

The remaining uncounted votes were Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) ballots.

Ramon said Monday an additional 18 ballots were received in her office Monday, but said she was unable to convene the ballot board because of the absence of the early voting ballot board judge.

Ramon said the remaining 18 ballots would likely be counted on Tuesday.

Those 18 ballots, though, wouldn’t change the outcome of the election for 63rd Judicial District Judge, the figures released by Ramon Monday show.

Andrade, who currently serves as the first assistant district attorney, had a total of 8,290 votes from ballots cast in Val Verde, Kinney and Terrell counties, according to the results for Val Verde County released by Ramon on Monday. The results from Kinney and Terrell counties were obtained from the Texas Secretary of State’s web site.

Andrade’s opponent, Del Rio attorney F. David Ortiz, the Democratic Party nominee, had a total of 7,932 votes from the three counties that comprise the 63rd Judicial District.

Andrade won the election handily in both Kinney and Terrell counties.

Results posted on the Texas Secretary of State’s web site show Andrade had a total of 833 votes in Kinney County, with 398 voters casting their ballots for Ortiz.

Andrade had a total of 229 votes in Terrell County, and Ortiz had a total of 113.

Val Verde County voters, however, favored Ortiz, giving him a 321-vote margin of victory in results announced in the early morning hours of Nov. 4.

According to the results Ramon released on Monday, Ortiz’s lead in Val Verde County had narrowed to 193 votes.

The results released for Val Verde County on Monday show Andrade had a total of 7,228 votes, and Ortiz had a total of 7,421 votes.

The results released by Ramon on Nov. 4 showed a total of 13,983 Val Verde County voters had cast ballots in the district judge’s race.

The results released on Monday show a total of 14,649 votes were counted, 666 more than had been counted Nov. 3 and Nov. 4.

“I am relieved. I’m very happy. I thank God, because I believe He has a path for all of us. Obviously, I thank my friends, the great group of friends I have in Del Rio, in Val Verde County, in Kinney and Terrell counties. I also want to thank my family for putting up with me for the past nine months. It was a lot of work and sacrifice, and I’m happy it turned out the way it did,” Andrade said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

Andrade, who will be sworn in Jan. 1, 2021, said he is ready to go to work.

“I feel that my whole career was coming towards this point, and I’m prepared. I’ve practiced in front of a lot of different judges in a lot of different counties, and I believe that has prepared me to be the best, most efficient judge the 63rd Judicial District has ever had.

“I know I have some big shoes to fill. Judge (George) Thurmond and Judge (Henry) Fernandez were great judges, and I did practice in front of them. Both of them had great reputations, and I hope to earn that reputation also,” Andrade added.