Innovation Nutrition has joined the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce.

The Del Rio Chamber of Commerce Red Carpet Ambassadors hosted a ribbon cutting at Innovation Nutrition, 2409 Veterans Blvd., to celebrate the event.

“We joined the chamber because we feel that it’s all about the community and about networking. We feel that building relationships with other businesses will help not only the community, but will also help us grow our business,” said Sean St. Germain, who manages the business.

Innovation Nutrition has been open for nearly three years, and St. Germain said his wife Michelle purchased the business about a year ago.

“We’ve tried to focus on making Innovation Nutrition about a one-on-one experience with clients. We want to stop the mindset of there’s one supplement or one diet that works for everyone,” St. Germain said.

Anyone interested in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle can visit Innovation Nutrition and he, Michelle or one of the business employees, Michael Cummings or Frank Hernandez, will begin working on a plan geared specifically for that person, St. Germain said.

“We ask you about your lifestyle, we ask you about your goals, your diet, your exercise program, and then we try to generate something for the individual, instead of just putting a product or products out there. We focus on the individual and on his or her needs,” he said.

Key to this process is Innovation Nutrition’s M-Body machine, which can tell employees at the business about a client’s metabolic rate, body fat percentage and muscle index.

“With the M-Body machine, you can also track your results, so you can see your progress by the numbers. Sometimes people think they’ve hit a wall, but your body still may be changing on the inside. Your weight might not be changing, but you might have gained three pounds of muscle and lost five pounds of body fat,” St. Germain said.

The M-Body will help the client determine how much muscle they have gained and how much fat they have lost.

“Aside from that, we also focus on weight management. I’ve gotten a lot of people who come in who are concerned about their children’s weight. Of course with children, we aren’t going to put them on a product, but we do offer a free consultation,” St. Germain said.

He noted the M-Body reading is $1.50.

“With that, we offer a diet plan, teach you about basic nutrition, and we can really help that way,” he said.

St. Germain said he and his wife also see a number of clients who suffer from eating disorders.

“We have been branching out to help people who are struggling with anorexia or bulimia. They’re coming in here wanting a life change, and we give them the tools to do that,” St. Germain said.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Abram Rodriguez, chair of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce Red Carpet Ambassadors, presented St. Germain with a chamber membership plaque and welcomed Innovation Nutrition to the roster of chamber members.

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