Val Verde County youngsters from third to 12th grade and their parents are invited to learn more about local 4-H programs Sunday at the annual Val Verde 4-H Kick-Off.

The Val Verde 4-H Kick-Off will be from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at the Del Rio Rotary Park pavilion and splash pad, said Raquel Rodriguez, Val Verde County extension agent for family and community health.

“We’re going to have some informational games regarding the different 4-H projects available in Val Verde County, and we’re inviting anyone interested in 4-H to attend. It’s for youth and parents who don’t know anything at all about 4-H, and it’s also for youngsters who have been in 4-H previously and are ready to re-enroll. It’s a community-wide event with games, food and fun,” Rodriguez said.

The Val Verde County 4-H projects that young people and parents can learn about during the event are as follows: dog care and training, fashion and interior design, food and nutrition, horse, photography, shooting sports, veterinary science, wool and mohair judging and livestock projects including goats, sheep, pigs and rabbits.

4-H programs are available to youth in third through 12th grades.

“One of the important things we want to remind families about is that in order to be a 4-Her, you must enroll every year. I know that there may be a perception that if you’re a 4-Her, you don’t need to re-enroll, but you do. You have to enroll in the program every year,” Rodriguez said.

“We are definitely looking for new 4-H recruits and also 4-H volunteers, especially for our shooting sports program because there is a lot of interest in our shooting sports program,” she added. She emphasized that young people don’t need any previous experience in the areas in which they are interested.

“If it piques your interest, come by and check it out,” Rodriguez said.

She said the informational games and stations are being put together by the program’s current 4-H program officers.

“Youth and parents can visit those stations and get answers to their questions,” she said.

Information about the local 4-H’s new “Clover Kids” program will be provided at the event, Rodriguez said.

“This is available for youngsters of non-4-H age, which is children from kindergarten through second grade. We meet once a month, just like our 4-H youth, and for the Clover Kids, it gives an intro to the different projects available through 4-H,” Rodriguez said.

Interested youth may participate in more than one program, Rodriguez said, although she noted participation in any program is a commitment.

“You can most definitely select more than one project, just know that it is a commitment on your part. But the 4-H program is great. It builds character, and it builds leaders,” she said.

Youngsters and parents who are not able to participate in Sunday’s kick-off event are encouraged to call (830) 774-7591 for more information and to sign up for 4-H.

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