Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Never in the annals of American history has an American president done so much for a foreign foe as Donald J (for sell out) Trump has for Vladimir Putin giving him the gift of North Syria, plus the bonus of the American military base there which the Russians now occupy.

And Trump playing Santa Claus to Putin makes Putin respond with an invitation for Trump to visit Moscow. This makes Trump tickle-pink, or should I say tickle-red.

Trump’s house of cards is falling down around his ears in terms of his cronies.

Six, so far, getting indicted for lying to authorities and committing fraud, and witness tampering like the latest to be found guilty Roger Stone, who started out early with mob boss Trump practicing their own brand of what appears to be hoodlumism.

Now that brand operates out of the Oval Office in what seems to be in conjunction with mob bosses like Erdogan of Turkey and Putin of Russia.

From what I read and hear Trump is a traitor to America’s system of government. He enjoys hoodlums like Putin, calls them strong men. Think about it, dictators are Trump’s idea of strong men.

The American Founders were strong men, but not dictators. Have you ever heard him praise them? I haven’t.

If it was up to Trump and the local columnist, we would be living in a society of strong men such as Republican House Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio who has terrorized the impeachment inquiry witnesses for telling the truth.

Trump blames his own Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his failure to block top state officials from testifying in Congress and refers to those officials as “Never Trumpers.” See? It’s always about Trump never about the State of the Union. Like picking a fight with California, calling them incompetent about preventing and fighting forest fires, but not offering California his “great and unmatched wisdom.” Maybe it’s because his great and unmatched wisdom is no match for the smugglers who keep making a sieve out of his “big, beautiful fence” in Southern California.

The smugglers, who keep breaching the big, beautiful fence, are probably singing the old Ray Stevens song, “Everything is Beautiful in its Own Way” as they come across. They may be setting forest fires too, to create attention away from the border.

See, the smugglers have a great and unmatched wisdom too.

The Mexican government is trying hard to stop these illegal crossings, but like Trump, they are finding it hard to keep up. Mexico has its hands full with its country wide banditry.

Trumpers, or Never Trumpers, the Trump Administration leaks like the big, beautiful fence in California.

And Trump rages and works his tweeter hundreds of times as on Friday, Nov. 15, he tried to intimidate the witnesses, they say.

Roger Stone, and Donald Trump: two of a kind into witness tampering, and it can’t be said enough times.

Trump supporters need to understand that Trump is not above the law. That he cares very little for democracy, if any at all.

Congressional Republicans and Trump both want the whistleblower outed, and if that happens, it would be no more people coming forward, and that would be bad for the country no matter what political stripe.

Six Trump associates found guilty of crimes that I say were committed due to an attitude of arrogance from characters used to operating on the shady side of the street.

So, if these six gentlemen, including a four-star general found in Trump a natural ally, what does that say about the possibility of a shady Trump’s continued attraction for shady characters? Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony has already fingered acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney as the schemer of the plot in Ukraine against the Bidens.

And Trump sent his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to start the ball rolling. But Rudy struck out, as in Mudville.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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