Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Trump’s version of our traditional Fourth of July with a fly-over was met with the approval of a majority of still proud Americans. His speech was moving, presidential, and full of fact-filled history.

Having worn an Army, Navy, and Marine Corps uniform, my heart was filled with memories hearing the anthems, seeing our dominant new weapons fly-over. The only thing I would have changed was having our own Robert Wade singing, “I Am Proud to Be an America” like he means it at the end.

It was staged perfectly at the Lincoln Memorial, bringing back emotional memories when Anna and I visited it at sunset all alone. I am always overwhelmed by Lincoln’s sad eyes, and his greatness in perfecting the major flaw in our founding, slavery, with more Americans dead than any other war.

My father was born in 1892 with the same solemn eyes as we talked history with neighbors on the front porch, after a long day of labor in the hot cotton fields.

It was moving to hear that George Washington read the Declaration of Independence to his rag tag army, before they rose up and defeated the most dominant military power in the world with God’s help.

America still has citizen soldiers, not militaristic seeking territory, but spreading freedom respecting cultural histories. Japan was amazed that McArthur permitted their god-like Emperor Hirohito to stay in place, while merging their society into a wondrously successful free market capitalist best friend.

Only Newsmax televised the full parade. I understand why the mainstream media didn’t want you to see it. It was a traditional celebration of America’s birthday with thousands of proud Americans lined up five or more deep on Pennsylvania Avenue to see marching bands, patriotic floats, flag draped horses, all passing in review.

It was a fitting nonpartisan speech for Republicans and Democrats alike, advocating America, confusing the never Trump media hoping for a political speech to tear their hair out over.

Then July 5: They were organized in hate Trump as if the Fourth never happened. CNN hated it – it was too militaristic. Why were they happier with 13 million Americans on government dependency under their beloved Obama presidency, with a gutted, weakened military?

The stock market records are hurting America because many jobs don’t pay $15 an hour, things are so bad propaganda. Joe Biden was threatening to punch Trump in the face because he was afraid of Putin, who got him elected interfering in our election.

Obama/Biden were in charge during the 2016 election – why didn’t they stop it?

Because they were working with the Russians to elect Hillary as you will soon learn. Then, Biden promised to stop China from stealing America’s technology and secrets!

Is he going to return the millions the Chinese provided his son Hunter to start his hedge fund, the biker gangs of investments?

MSNBC was their usual simple, anti-American self, finding fault in free market greatness, talking class warfare haves and have nots. They never talked about the New York janitor who died old, found worth 1-3 million, still riding his bike to work, investing up until his date with the grim reaper. Being poor, helpless in America is a lifestyle choice, not a requirement, and they don’t want you to know it?

My friends, these are dangerous people! They want a new Constitution, a new society, and to have it they must rewrite history, destroying our wondrous, imperfect past greatness as a grievous error in time.

They own higher education with unlimited government funds, with way too little private competition teaching patriotic truth. If we allow the left to take over at the ballot box by any contrived means necessary in their play book, all is lost.

Honesty plays no role in any socialist communistic nation. While there is a Russian conspiracy to reclaim western values that work, America is fighting off the failures of socialistic communism, failing everywhere tried.

Only because all humanity belongs to the big government state, in slavery. Hating Trump is not worth losing our country over, as the middle class grows and poverty recedes for the willing.

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