Irma Morales

Irma Morales, a native Del Rioan, is one of many teachers whose school supplies wish list was fully purchased by Jeffree Star, owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and beauty YouTuber.

The chief executive officer of an online makeup company surprised a Del Rio native by purchasing her entire list of school supplies.

Irma Morales is a Del Rio native and currently teaches second grade in Odessa, Texas. Similar to other teachers in the United States, Morales has been paying out of pocket for supplies that will help her students succeed throughout the school year.

Morales added she spent $300 out of pocket for this incoming school year. This does not include the supplies she will be purchasing once she gets to know her students.

“I usually spend a couple more hundred once I get to know the needs of my students. Moving from teaching fourth grade to now second (grade) I had to buy a lot more supplies that I didn’t need in fourth grade such as a classroom rug for carpet time and lowered level books for my personal student library,” Morales said.

The #clearthelists movement started online on Twitter and garnered the attention of celebrities. Teachers across the country are encouraged to share their wish list of supplies online with the hashtag #clearthelists in hopes of people purchasing the items.Morales found out about the movement after seeing fellow teachers joining in and decided to give it chance.

“The #clearthelists movement is so important to raise awareness. Us teachers are underpaid for the amount of work, stress, time and energy we put into the classroom. There are some days I get to work at 6:30 a.m. and do not leave until 7 p.m. or until the custodians kick us out,” Morales said.

Morales added although they are underpaid, there are still teachers doing this for the joy they get out of the students. She wants others to learn how much teachers care and are willing to spend their already underpaid wage on their own students and classes.

“I would do anything to make my students happy and be engaged in learning,” Morales said. Morales and other teachers had their entire wish lists bought by Jeffree Star, founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

“I was so blown away yesterday learning about so many school teachers in need of supplies for their students! I want to bring more attention to this and help @support_a_teach’s movement! I just donated $25,000,” Star said in a follow up tweet on Sunday.

Star’s e-commerce makeup brand is a multi-million company and he is also known for his YouTube makeup videos.

Texas House Bill 3 mandates all Texas school districts must increase teacher salaries and implement that raise this incoming school year. San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District will increase teacher salaries by an estimated minimum 5.4 percent, according to a release.

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