Amid the state and nationwide school closures Comstock Independent School District is hand delivering home packets to students, looking forward to see a quick resolution to the health emergency generated by the coronavirus. The school district has also stepped forward to help homebound senior citizens in the westernmost part of Val Verde County.

Comstock ISD Superintendent of Schools O.K. “Buddy” Wolfenbarger said Del Rio students whose parents requested a packet received theirs on Monday, from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the Plaza del Sol Mall parking lot, while three more drop off points were scheduled at Travel Park, Guajia Bay, and Box Canyon.

“We had the principal and dean of students delivering the packets to the parents,” Wolfenbarger said.

For Comstock residents, he said, they were called on Monday to arrange the packet drop off.

Wolfenbarger said the Comstock ISD board of trustees voted for teachers and staff to continue operating under state guidelines, with no more than 10 individuals in the same room at one time.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday an executive order at the state Capitol, limiting social gatherings to 10 people, prohibiting eating and drinking at restaurants and bars while still allowing takeout, close gyms, ban people from visiting nursing homes except for critical care, and temporarily close schools.

The executive order is effective midnight Friday through midnight April 3, Abbott said.

Wolfenbarger said school Comstock teachers are working from home, and depending upon the child’s family situation and grade level, teachers and the school district will be working with a mixture of online and hand delivered assignments.

“If the parents have an email, if they have a computer at home, we can send them school work online, but for children in kindergarten is mostly hand delivered,” he said.

“Teachers are working from home, hourly staff is coming to school, we have about 15 individuals but we are not meeting at the same time in one place, the biggest thing is getting the meals out, and the board has made the decision to continue doing it,” he said.

For the meals program, Wolfenbarger said the school district is concentrating in the Comstock Independent School District area, and during the coronavirus COVID-19 emergency they will be following Texas Department of Agriculture guidelines for the Summer Feed Service Program.

Not only students will be covered by the Comstock ISD meals program he said, but also homebound senior citizens who otherwise would have no means to provide for themselves, he said.

“The board voted to do this, and as of right now we are not getting any reimbursement for this, but we’ll be looking forward to get reimbursed,” he said.

The meals program covers delivery to senior citizens in the Comstock, Box Canyon, Amistad Acres, and Guajia Bay, he said.

While nearly 100 students are getting two meals a day five days a week, the number of senior citizens is about 50 he said.

“We have people delivering the meals, it is breakfast and lunch,” he said.

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