Tuesday, the City of Del Rio recorded the lowest daily high temperature for Nov. 12, tying a 100-plus-year-old record, a local meteorologist said.

The 46 degrees Fahrenheit record ties the lowest high temperature for the day, which was recorded in 1907, Smalltown Weather Meteorologist Dan Schreiber said.

Colder weather continues to set in with a possibility of wetter days in the next couple of weeks, he said.

Schreiber said the last time the lowest daily high temperature was set for Nov. 12 was 112 years ago.

The city did receive sleet and freezing rain, he said.

“Sleet falls as frozen ice pellets (looks sort of like very small hail), while freezing rain falls as liquid rain, but then freezes on exposed objects,” Schreiber said.

While it does seem the cold weather came in early this year, Schreiber checked record books and said 2013 was the last year a winter weather advisory was issued by the National Weather Service in November for this area.

Prior to that, a winter weather advisory was issued in 2007, according to Schreiber. “It is a bit rare to see winter weather this early, but not unheard of,” he said.

The main reason this cold front was perceived as out of the ordinary is, “Because it came right in the wake of a previous cold front,” he said.

The previous cold front came on Thursday of last week.

“Prior to that, it had gotten up to 87 degrees (Fahrenheit) on Tuesday and 85 degrees (Fahrenheit) on Wednesday. The region never really had a chance to heat back up after Thursday before Monday’s (cold) front came through, which further reinforced the cooler weather,” Schreiber said.

According to Schreiber, as the city sets into wintertime, the jet stream has begun to get a bit more active and move further south, “Which has been the driving force behind the cold fronts lately.”

Del Rioans can still expect to see some fluctuation on the temperatures, according to Schreiber. “I suspect over the next month we will see a number of cooler (and possibly wetter) days with the somewhat active winter storm pattern,” Schreiber said.

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