As part of the renovation plans, the middle portion of the wall dividing the DRHS dining area and the old gym is taken down on Monday afternoon, with plans to have the entirety of the wall fully down by Friday.

San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District will be remodeling the Del Rio High School cafeteria throughout the summer.

The latest addition to ongoing renovations at the high school is the dining hall area, commonly known as the cafeteria.

Plans to renovate the cafeteria were approved earlier in the school year, with the construction documentation phase with Kissling Architects, Inc. approved during a school district board of trustees regular meeting on April 15.

Board members approved funds for the renovation on May 28.

The plans include removing the current wall that divides the cafeteria from the old gym. The old gym will see a change with the removal of the stage and storage facilities.

Construction workers removed the lockers surrounding the cafeteria and half of the stage by Monday morning. On Monday afternoon the stage was entirely removed and the center piece of the wall was taken down. attending summer school are taking classes at Del Rio Freshman School and still have access to DRHS office services.

Students attending open gym sessions are asked to park or be dropped off in the DRHS student parking lot and walk from there to the Carl P. Guys Gymnasium.

The cafeteria renovations are the latest addition, with the school’s 200 wing, better known as the science wing, also under renovations. The 200 wing is expected to be complete this summer.

According to San Felipe Del Rio CISD Superintendent Dr. Carlos Rios, the ongoing work at the high school is the start of renovation plans the district has for the school.

After the 200 wing is complete, the 400, 800 and 900 wings will be next to receive renovations. The school district’s goal is to have all renovations complete within three years.

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