Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

The time is now for Mexico to stem the flow of illegals streaming across Mexico, coming to America. The Trump administration has taken a definitive stand while being tenaciously fought at every turn by the Pelosi/Schumer led left. It should concern you that the Mexico negotiators met with Pelosi, before they met with the Trump administration.

The Pelosi-led Democrat Congress refuses to write simple immigration legislation removing the Machiavellian incentives to come to America with impunity, aided and abetted by porous borders as they seek permanent voter power.

Since the Democrats have no interest in an orderly secure border, only seeing to it that Trump not have legislation, perceived as a victory, Trump was forced to use tariffs to stem the flow of record illegals. The question now will be defined by numbers crossing Mexico’s southern border, stepping foot on American soil asking for home free amnesty.

Trump claims victory, using the threat of tariffs as a cudgel costing Mexico more than the criminal cartels brought home in “mordida” sanctioned crimes against humanity.

The left claims it was nothing more than what Trump could have had without the threats of tariffs. The threats were made on Friday, and Mexico scurried to the negotiating table, beating out a signed agreement before Monday when tariffs were to begin.

The details of the agreement will soon be revealed by Mexico, requiring the vote of Mexico’s legislating body. Trump said, “We do anticipate a problem with the vote but, if for any reason the approval is not forthcoming, tariffs will be reinstated!”

Mexico’s ambassador in Washington said her country is committed to working with the U.S. and discussions will continue.

We want to continue to work with the U.S. very closely on the different challenges that we have together.

And one urgent one at this moment is immigration, said Martha Barcena. She told CBS Face the Nation “that the countries’ joint declaration principles … give us the base for the road map that we have to follow in the incoming months on immigration and cooperation on asylum issues and development in Central America.”

More importantly, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at a huge political rally in Tijuana appeared to be singing from the same song book of cooperation. It couldn’t be true that Mexico is a better friend of America, than Nancy Pelosi’s Congress?

Mexico could lose “mordida” cooperating with Trump, but both neighbors would profit beyond imagination, working honestly together for the good folks on each side of the border.

Crime lords, gangs, and small time operators profit around $2.5 billion, moving illegals across Mexico into America.

The going price is $3,000 to $10,000, but some come on a pay-as-you-go basis.

They offer specialized services at a cost for the elderly, children, and pregnant women. It’s a bossiness deal.

Ninety percent of America’s heroin is smuggled across the border. Perhaps even more of America’s killing cocaine laced with fentanyl produced in China comes with the heroin. America had over 72,000 deaths in 2018, and it’s a growing crisis.

Trump’s tariff promises brought Mexico scurrying to the negotiating table, and they signed an agreement that could be the start of something big.

It should have never come to such levels of desperation, but the leftist establishment must destroy Trump for their own survival at any cost.

If Mexico keeps the promise in the agreement, and the illegals slow to a trickle with a by-product drastic reduction in drug smuggling, both of our economies could bloom well beyond wildest expectations in honest work.

Mexico has hard working beautiful people, only held back by a dishonest government stealing a dime when they could make millions in the honest rule of law to the least among them in freedom.

Who knows how it will all work out, but what law is there against dreaming? Momma always said, “The truth is in the pudding” and we shall soon know exactly that.

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