Rosemary Gutierrez

Rosemary Gutierrez, left, mother of Amanda Rosa Riojas, who was murdered outside a south Del Rio convenience store on April 26, and Gutierrez’s sister, Norma Villanueva, right, and other family members and friends protest the release of the man accused of killing Riojas.

Rosemary Gutierrez said she wants Robert Evans Jr. back behind bars.

Gutierrez identified herself as the mother of Amanda Rosa Riojas, a 27-year-old Del Rio woman who was shot to death April 26 outside a local convenience store. On Monday, Gutierrez and several other family members protested Evans’ release from jail on bond.

They held signs reading “Justice For Amanda Riojas” and “Justice For Amanda” and stood on the corner of South Main Street and Broadway Street near the Val Verde County Judicial Center about noon Monday.

Evans was arrested April 26 and charged with murder in the shooting death of Riojas, who was gunned down while she and Evans were in a pickup truck outside The Five Points Market in south Del Rio.

Evans’ bond on the murder charge was initially set at $500,000, but subsequently reduced to $250,000. He was released July 31 after posting bond on that charge, court records show.

Evans was arrested again on July 31 and charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly disposing of the gun used in Riojas’ shooting. Evans’ bond in the tampering case was set at $150,000. Evans posted bond on that charge and was again released from jail.

Gutierrez said she is angry that Evans is out.

“Today we are protesting because of the murder of my daughter. She was murdered just over three months ago, and exactly three months and seven days after this guy killed her, he walked out of jail,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez reviewed Evans’ bond reductions, which were ordered by 63rd Judicial District Judge Enrique “Henry” Fernandez, who, found the amount of the bond to be excessive.

The Del Rio News-Herald contacted Fernandez via text message and asked him to comment on the protest. He declined, noting it would be improper for him to discuss an ongoing case.

“She left five children behind, and this is the first year that three of her daughters spent their birthdays without their mom, and this man’s walking free,” Gutierrez said, her voice shaking with emotion.

Gutierrez said she isn’t protesting only on her daughter’s behalf.

“It’s not just about my daughter. It’s about every woman who’s been killed at the hands of an abusive boyfriend. We need to speak up and let our voices be heard. We’ve got to stop this. Where is justice?” she said.

“I feel that a lot of people here are in it for the money. They’re not going by the law. It’s money that talks, but she’s gone, and I want justice, and I want my voice to be heard,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said she was not present at the hearings at which the bond reductions were requested, and she said another reason she is angry is that no one is telling her what’s going on.

“They have never notified me. I’ve been leaving messages and messages for the detectives since (Evans) got out, and I’ve had no response. When he was arrested, they (police detectives) told me, ‘He’s not going to get out,’ but you know what? They lied to me. All these people have lied to me,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said she wants to see Evans back behind bars.

“He killed my daughter. My daughter’s no longer here. What happens? He shoots her, and he goes off and he goes to the creek and he throws the gun in the water like nothing. And then you let him out? I want this message to go to all the judges and the bail bondsmen that got him out: What would you do if it was your daughter? Would you let him out? No, you wouldn’t,” Gutierrez said, crying.

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I personally am absolutely disgusted and ashamed that the judge reduced his bond to what it is. Regardless it is so apparent what he did and the magnitude of what he did deserves no reduction in Bond


I just posted and it came up with a name Amistad something that has nothing to do with me

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